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ISO 14001 2015

iso 14001 2015 can minimize air pollution

ISO 14001 2015 is the latest version of environmental management system standard from the international organization ISO. First edition was iso 14001:1996 and the second edition was iso 14001:2004. Both of them versions are out of date.

All standards are periodically reviewed by Geneva based international organization ISO to ensure they still meet market requirements. The current version is ISO 14001:2015, It is known as EMS international standard. and certified organizations were given a three-year transition period to adapt their environmental management system to the new edition of the standard. The new version environment standard focuses on the improvement of environmental performance rather than the improvement of the management system itself.

Now our environment is in great risk. From the beginning people have been destroying the god gifted nice nature according to his own intention without judgement of its good and bad sites. God has created all the forest, water, river, sea, air, animal for human beings welfare. But from the beginning human kind is doing wrong. Their knowledge is limited. They have been destroying the natures in unplanned manner.

After committing the great mistake on our nature now world leaders are understanding and gathering together to save our nature anyway. The world leaders sit together in a big city to discuss how they can contribute to save our earth.

Unplanned industrialization, deforestation are the major causes of destruction of our nature. Due to unplanned industrialization the rich country has cut the trees, polluted the air and water too much. The industrial wastes and harmful chemicals are flowing to the river, sea and canal. So, different water based animal are going to be destroyed.

Due to unplanned industrialization we have polluted our air by adding too much toxic gas and Carbon dioxide. To safe living on the earth it is time to reduce those harmful things from our environment.

To remove all those adverse things from our earth there is no alternative to work together. That’s why each year worlds leaders sit together to work on those issues.

We hope in each climate change summits should create some rules for the world to bring back our nature to the previous stage. Like reduce carbon emission level, reduce deforestation, reduce car environment harmful vehicle production etc.

To work unitedly it is very much important to adapt iso 14001 standard effectively. Every organizations around the world specially manufacturing industries should implement ISO 14001 2015 guidelines very strictly to save our environment.

Very strict message can be delivered to all the nations from the UN that without implementation iso 14001 2015 guidelines in each industry no country will get any assistance from the various international forum like UNO, IMF, WB, ADB etc.

Our planet is going to be heated by increasing 1-2 degree centigrade temperature in each year. If this flow continue the world will become unusable place for all creatures. That’s mean certain death of all creatures on this earth.

So, no more delay and no more negligence from the world leaders to take effective action plan to implement ISO 14001 2015 standard throughout the all industries. If world leader cannot do that our next generation will not be able to live in this earth.

The latest 26th UN climate change held on 1-12 Nov 2021 in Glasgow. Conference of the parties (COP26). The UK is committed to working with all countries and joining forces with civil society, companies and people on the frontline of climate change to inspire climate action ahead of COP26.

Different climate action can be seen from this link: https://twitter.com/hashtag/ClimateAction?src=hashtag_click

ISO 14001 2015 is an effective standard to reduce environmental aspects and impacts in the respective regions. In this regard all the governments around the globe can do mandatory to adapt ISO 14001 2015 Standard for each industry. It can help to save our nature from bad effect of climate changing turns from the world.

In Bangladesh AAS has been working to adapt ISO 14001 2015 Standard to minimize environmental impact from the aspects. It takes very low fees for that reason. You may contact this page for ISO 14001 2015 Certification in Bangladesh.

Clause 6

There are few sub clauses in this main clause 6 of ISO 9001 2015 standard. It is defined by PLANNING. Planning is required to achieve goal. Why planning and what planning and how to take planning to achieve goal etc has been described in this clause clearly. It is also instructed to consider clause no 4.1(external and internal issues) and clause no 4.2(interested parties and requirement of interested parties)

6.1 Actions to address risks and opportunities: Before going to do any job it is necessary to find what are the possible risks behind that job at the same time it is also important thinking of possible opportunities on that job or project.

6.2 Quality objectives and planning to achieve them: It is divided into two sub clauses like 6.2.1 and 6.2.2. It is mandatory documents for the organization. During objective setting following things should be considered: 1- Quality objectives should be consistent with quality policy 2- Be measurable 3- Take into account about applicable requirements 4- Be relevant to conformity of products and services and enhance to customer satisfaction 5- Be monitored 6- Be communicated 7- Be updated as appropriate. All of these are under 6.2.1. According to sub clause 6.2.2 following things should be considered: 1- What will be done 2- What resource will be required,3-Who will be responsible 4- When it will be completed 5-How the result will be evaluated etc.

6.3 Planning of changes: It is very common for your organization to change something if necessary. From this clause 6.3 it is required to consider the following things before make any changes:

a- Consider why you are changing and what could happen from that changes b- Be ensured that QMS does not get affected negatively c- Think what you need to achieve it (people/technology) d- Consider what changes need to be made in the organization to make it happen

Quality Certificate

Quality Certificate is a growing demand for various industries right now in Bangladesh. So, this is the keyword of my post in this month. Though there is many meaning of quality certificate but here in this post I will discuss only International quality or ISO Quality Standard Certificate.

ISO 9001 is also known as quality certificate or Quality Management System Certificate. It is also known as QMS in a nutshell.

9001:2015 is the latest version of ISO 9001 standard. It started in 1987. Until now it is revised five times since then. Now it is in fifth version. If you want to get quality certificate then ISO 9001:2015 is the right version for you. Previous all versions have been expired and back dated.

What does it mean quality certificate? In ISO it means quality management of a organization.  Quality of different sections or quality of different department in the organization. Quality for HR Admin, Sales marketing, Procurement, Production etc. In a word quality for organization means maintaining quality in different departments of a organization.

As an example for quality in production, what does it mean? It means how you are maintaining quality of your product? Are you monitoring the product production process. Are you measuring of the product’s criteria during the production? Does it meet the client’s requirement or your own specification data? Are you keeping record of your error products? Are you taking CA Plan against frequently happened error? All these things are checked in production during ISO audit.

Participating in audit is mandatory for achieving and holding your ISO Quality certificate. Audit helps to find the facts in your production. Production staffs are asked to show the quality checking record, wastes record, machine breakdown record etc. during the ISO audit.

Not only ISO audit. Internal audit is also mandatory for ISO Certification or after ISO Certification. Usually internal audit (IA)is done inside the organization by it’s own staffs or it can be done by hiring an ISO Consultant. Without performing IA you cannot hold your iso quality certificate. It will be suspended if you do not perform IA on regular basis.

Getting a quality certificate means you are appointing your agent who will give you report of your whole organization or according to your certification scope. ISO Quality auditor will find the real facts actually what are happening in your organization during the audit, usually once in a year ISO audit is done.

Worldwide quality certificate has a great demand. Specially for EU and Middle East Buyers it is asked to the exporters or suppliers to have this certificate. It ensures the quality of your organization.

For smooth and efficient operation of a company quality certificate has a great value. It is a great tool to see your organization. It helps to get new orders from new buyers. It helps to increase your internal quality. Finally it helps to earn more revenue for your company.

AAS has been providing quality certificate since 2012. Until now it has certified many organizations in Bangladesh. The quality certificates come from the UK via AAS. AAS has experienced auditors who perform audits and ensure  achieving the quality certificate.

9001 Special Offer

ISO 9001 Certification Special Offer

From this page special price is offered for our valued prospects who have communicated with us for ISO 9001 Certification. Time to time we offer special discount rate for Quality Management System Certification.

Bangladesh is a developing country. It is trying to be industrialized. Without industrialization no nation can be self sufficient and developed. To increase export it is necessary to develop the management system of an organization. Very often it is seen due to lack of money many organizations cannot adopt ISO Certificate due to excessive cost of Certification Bodies in Bangladesh.

From the beginning few certification bodies are taking huge money from different types of organization in Bangladesh. Due to uncontrolled  situation  of Bangladesh Government on foreign CBs it is happening. As a result only well established or big size companies are able to get iso certified. On the other-hand small medium size organizations are unable to get quality management systems certificate.

Considering the SME organization’s circumstances we have decided to give opportunity to our small and medium size organizations in Bangladesh to develop their quality by adopting iso 9001 standard. Sometimes we offer special discount rate to our valuable prospects who have communicated with us about iso 9001 certification.

This page is only for them who are SME business organization and who are struggling to develop their processes into international standard and who want to develop their quality by proper implementation of  ISO guideline.

 2017 Year Ending offer is going on

Year end offer is going on now. It will continue until 30 Nov 2017. 

Employee UPTO 10= 50,000 Taka 

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Buy ISO 9001:2015 Version

Buy ISO 9001:2015 Version

iso 9001:2015

iso9001 latest version

ISO 9001:2015 version has been published on September 22, 2015. Now it is necessary to know what are special in the latest version of the quality management system comparing the previous version of 9001:2008. To study what are included in this new standard you need to buy this standard. You can buy it BSI store from this link.

ISO 9001 is the most popular ISO standard around the world. Any type of and any size of organization can adopt this standard. So, if you are thinking to develop your management system in your office or factory then receiving Latest version is necessary.

Many of you have already welcome this standard because documentation many things have been demolished. Quality Manual the most headache for the client as well as mandatory SOPs have been demolished. Around the world more than 1.1 million company use the standard.

Risk based approach has been focused in this new version. Taking preventive action is the another name of risk management. In most companies people show negligence  to take preventive action but from this latest version those companies will be careful now.

Like other things process approach idea has been focused in this new version of ISO 9001: 2015 version. Any changes are supposed to be reviewed and analysed in advance considering the risks and impacts to internal and external interested parties.

Buy now ISO 9001 from BSI Store

Major items of the latest version of ISO 9001:2015 version are as follows:

  1. Scope
  2. Normative Reference
  3. Terms & Definitions
  4. Context of the Organisation
  5. Leadership
  6. Planning
  7. Support
  8. Operation
  9. Performance Evaluation
  10. Improvement

To know details of the above mentioned  things buy the standard from BSI the UK based online shop.

8 Principles of ISO 9001

There are  8 principles of ISO 9001. This post will help you to know those principles.

ISO 9001 is the most popular Standard among other standards. Untill now more than 19600 standards is published. No standard is as popular as ISO 9001. The standard is based on 8 principles which are mentioned in below:

  • Customer Focus: Customer is the heart of any business. Without customer no business can exist. So, the main target of ISO 9001 is make satisfy your customer. Customer satisfaction guideline is found in this standard.
  • Leadership: Setting objective is the main option of any business. Employee engagement is important to achieve that objective. Real leadership can help to motivate your employees which is helpful to fulfill your objective.
  • Involvement of Peoples: Without employees a company cannot be run. If all employees do his duty properly then the goal of the company can be achieved. So, people’s involvement is very important in this QMS Standard.
  • Process Approach: A process is a combination of related activities to achieve a particular purpose. To apply a process approach idea you need  plan to provide a service or product. According to that plan you will have to work out what processes you need to provide that service or product. Preparing a menu is an example of process approach idea.
  • System Approach to management: Identifying, understanding and managing a system of interrelated processes for a given objective improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.
  • Continual Improvement: It is one of the most important things of ISO 9001. Doing wrong is human being’s nature. But taking corrective action it can be removed and it will not happen again. This way continual achievement is possible.
  • Factual Approach to Decision Making: Use data or information before making any decision. It is not wise take decision on feeling or opinion. First plan what data you need, then collect it, review it and at last take decision.
  • Mutually beneficial Supplier Relationship: An organization is dependent on its supplier/suppliers. ISO 9001 Standard emphasis to develop supplier relationship. For existence in the business it is very much important.

If you understand the 8 principles of iso 9001 then it will easier for you to know this popular standard well.