Certificate Status

ISO Certificate Status

Certificate Status is very important for doing business with ISO Certified company. From this page you will see the list of companies whose certificates have been suspended due to non-compliance of the ISO standards and showing negligence about implementing certification body’s guideline. Certificate status including suspended and withdrawn list will be found from this page.

Why Certificate Status is Important?

Certificate status indicates the company’s present status about implementation of qms, ems, ohsas, haccp or other standards. Certificate is expired means the company is not practicing of quality. So, buyers or customer who are concerned about quality then it is very important to know the ISO certificate’s status of the company.

Why ISO Certificates are Suspended?

Certificate suspended means the company is not following ISO guideline anymore. Usually, if a lot of major Nonconformities or NCs are raised  during the audit then certificate may be suspended. Negligence of continual development, not participating in Surveillance audit, violating the certification body’s guideline etc. are the major causes of suspension or withdrawn of ISO certificates.