What is quality management system iso certification

It is too much searched keyword about quality management system. This post will help you about this phrase quality management system certification.

What is quality management system in ISO?

In ISO the quality management system is defined in the following way: If you have a company then how you are managing it? Is there any written instructions, is there any policy, procedures to run various processes in your organization? Do you have any quality checking activities? How do you monitor your operational processes? Are your customers are satisfied by your products or services? All these things are described in the ISO Quality management system.

So, if you want to get quality management system certification in your organization then mentally you will have to be prepared that you will have those documents or you will have to prepare all those documents to maintain quality in your organization.

Without documents a company cannot be run smoothly. So, the first step to iso quality management system certification is prepare documents for achieve quality management system certification.

Before these documentation list was too long. But now the quality management system certification is much more easier. Now you can prepare some mandatory documents for quality management system certification. You can see in another post for required documents for ISO QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATION