ISO Certification Special Offer

SME helps to expand economic growth throughout the nation. There is a great number of young dynamic peoples who are struggling to raise his firm to the next level. Due to governments tiny plan and lack of cooperation of financial institute, economic growth and industrialization is not expanding according to our expectation. Money is not flowing to the all stages people in the country. Only few peoples are holding majority money of the country. Government and banks are responsible for this situation.

Maintaining quality  and international standard in your organization is necessary to increase your export to the world market. Due to lack of financial support many SME cannot effort to develop his company’s according to his wish.  ISO Certificate is a great tool to develop your organization. In this regard as a UK based International certification body agent we are here to get iso certificate at a minimum cost.

If you are an SME then this page is for you. We, as a accredited international certification body agent want to help your SME organization  to get iso certified. It is our non-profit campaign. We offer sometimes, special discount offer to our prospects, who are struggling to get ISO certificate in Bangladesh. It is our encouragement to our small and medium enterprises who are looking for develop their quality management system in their business processes.

ISO certification price depends on various issues like kinds of organization, processes, availability of iso auditors, technical expert, number of employees, number of sites, certification scope etc. So, after scrutiny we can tell what is the estimated cost for ISO.  As an example it can be said if the normal price is 3000 USD then SME organization will get it just for USD 1500 only. It is our special discount offer for SME organization.

It is your  time and special opportunity to get iso certified. Take decision now and get ISO certified. Increase revenue and develop your internal processes.  Simply fill the form at below and send it to us.

We are offering ISO Certification special offer for SME organization who are enthusiast about development of Quality Management System in his factory or organization. This offer is for them who wants real management development. 

So, do not miss this opportunity to get ISO 9001 Certified. Simply fill the  form in below. We will call you if you are selected for the certification on our monthly special offer. If your employee number is  less than 50 then you are eligible for this special certification offer from Advanced Assessment Services.