What is ISO?

ISO is a short form of International Organization for Standardization.

Where is head office of ISO?


Does ISO issue ISO Certificates?


What is CB?

CB is a short form of Certification Body

What is AB?

AB is a short form of Accreditation Body

Does AB issue ISO Certificate?


Who Issues ISO Certificates?


How many Audits are done before Certification?

Stage 1 and Stage 2 audit

What is surveillance Audit?

It is also called inspection audit. It is done once in a year by CB auditor. It is mandatory.

What is RC Audit?

To get certificate for second tenure (4-6th year) a audit is performed by CB is called RC(Re-certification) Audit.

What is the validity period of ISO Certificates?

ISO Certificates are issued for both one and three years.

How long a company will continue  his certification?

Until the company  will alive

What are the two mandatory jobs for ISO Certified companies?

Doing Internal audit and MRM (Management Review Meeting)

What is the most popular ISO Standard?

ISO 9001

Why ISO 9001 Standard is so Popular?

This standards is applicable for any type, size and any kind of organization. The guidelines of this standard can be applicable in all processes of a company.

What is the Latest version of ISO 9001 now?

ISO 9001:2015