Message from CEO

M A Halim the CEO of Advanced Assessment Services

Dear all, thanks for visiting this page. Bangladesh is a developing country. A large number of peoples live in below the poverty level. Industrialization is the best way to remove poverty from the country.

Bangladesh is trying to develop its manufacturing sector. To increase buyers worldwide for Bangladeshi products, it is very much important to develop the product’s quality. To ensure product’s quality, it is necessary to develop your management.

So, management is the heart point of an industry. Due to lack of knowledge about management many organizations cannot manage his organization effectively. So, they are failed to extend their product/service’s market worldwide.

ISO Certification is a good guideline to develop your management. It shows how to develop your management in different processes inside your organization. So, worldwide popularity of iso standards is growing very rapidly.

We are trying to create awareness among the business owners to develop their management system. ISO Certification is the good tool for developing any organization’s management system.

We hope our effort for iso certification in Bangladesh will help manufacturers, service providers and traders to develop their management system. It will ensure more sales and revenue in the domestic and international market.

We are providing certificate in management system including quality management system, environmental management system, Occupational and Health Safety management system, Food safety management system and Information Security Management System.

Our certification  process is easier and much cheaper than any other certification body in Bangladesh. So, we hope SME organizations who are eager and struggling to develop their management system will be benefited from our ISO certification campaign in Bangladesh.