Now it is March. It is the month of our liberation war. Our Martyrs sacrificed their life to free our country from foreign oppression. It is the month of fighting  against  Pakistani Military. It is time to respect our culture respect our forefathers. It is the time to gain economic freedom.

Economic freedom and  development is not possible without industrialization. At the same time it is necessary to   provide quality products and services in the industry. ISO Certificate can ensure your quality for product and services.

We respect our freedom fighters. We respect their objectives for the country. They fought for economic freedom. We want to be your partner by providing quality support for your business. We want your  economic growth by providing Quality services. So, we are providing  ISO certificate at the lowest cost  in Bangladesh. To show respect them we are offering special price on iso 9001 certification in Bangladesh.

The price for ISO 9001 Certification is half of our regular price. This offer is valid until  March 31st, 2017 Only.

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