ISO 45001 2018 Certification in Bangladesh

What is iso 45001?

ISO 45001 is called health saftey standard. It is also called OH&S Standard. To reduce accident in the work place it is adopted by various construction firms and 3D (Dirtry, Dengeraous and Difficult) mafacturing companies to save workers health from accident.

According to the published article in ILO website each year more than 3 million workers die from work related accidents around the globe. This number is very high and and it is growing continuously.

In developing countries this number is higher than developed countries. Around 63% of global total accidents are happening in the Asia Pacific region. Lac of work space and awarness of health hazardous issues and lac of attention by the company owners to the safety issues in work it is happening.

In this regard ISO 45001:2018 Standard can be a light of hope for the helpless workers to minimize the work related accident in their work place. Many organization owners do not care the workers health related issues in the work place. In this regard government of the developing countries can take initiatives to reduce the number of causulties. They can do mandatory for 3D companies for adopting ISO 45001 standard.

Though it is not mandatory in Bangladesh but it is a term of some global brands who are working with Bangladeshi Companies to adopt ISO 45001 Standard in their respective companies and manufacturers in Bagnladesh. So, sometimes some companies ask for adopting ISO 45001 Standard certification.

AAS has been working in Bangladesh since 2012 to provide health safety standard certification. But the number is very few comparing with ISO 9001. In this regard more and more European companies and USA companies should add a term for adopting ISO 45001 Certification for Bagnladeshi companies. It can save poor workers life in the workplace and it can save hundreds of thousands of families from losing only income source person in their family.

AAS has been working with both IAF and non IAF accredited CB(Certification Bodies) to provide ISO 45001 2018 Certification. It takes very lowest price comparing with other CBs in Bangladesh. So, if you are looking for ISO 45001 2018 Certification then contact here for details.