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What is ISO Audit Report and It’s Benefit

ISO Audit is an important part of companies. From this report you can know what the deviations inside your company. From this ISO audit report you can know how the company is practicing iso standard in the processes of a company.

Though many organizations are becoming ISO Certified, most of those companies do not show importance in the iso audit report. If they take this audit report seriously, then this can be helpful for the company’s process and system development.

During the audit many findings come out. These findings can be classified into Major NC, Minor NC, Observations, OFI etc. Usually, CA Plans should be submitted on those NCs. If CA plans are taken properly against those NCs then recurrence of those problems will not happen again. So, practicing CA Plans is an effective tool for system development inside the organization.

Many government agents are looking for ISO-certified organizations before selecting their vendors as their products or service providers. They usually ask for ISO Certificate but most of them do not ask for ISO audit report. If they ask for audit report along with ISO certificate, then these suppliers or vendors may be attentive to the audit report.

 Not only the audit report if the government offices ask for submit CA plans along with an ISO audit report, then it can be helpful for an ISO Certified company to implement ISO standard guidelines properly inside organization. This term will force the suppliers to practice standards properly. In the long run the government agents will benefit and they will  get good services or products from those vendors.

So, adding the value of ISO certificates and getting the benefits of ISO certificates respective government offices should add a term in the tenders for vendors that iso audit report is also requirement for submitting their proposal against the tender. Then these suppliers will come in the line and then they will focus on implementing ISO standard guidelines in the organizations.

When the suppliers give attention on ISO audit report, then it will be able to supply quality products or services to the tenderers. They will also know how to be focused on meeting customer requirements. It will bring good business practice in the organization. Finally, both the buyers and suppliers will be benefited 

Who Needs ISO 9001 Certification

ISO  9001 Standard is a quality management system standard. Any kind of organization can adopt this international standard to develop company’s processes for demonstrating his ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

If any organization wants to do business with famous or  big organization then he needs this standard. If any organization wants to work as a supplier for any government organization then he needs this standard ISO 9001.

Now the question is why the big corporation or government organizations ask for small company, contractor, supplier or vendor to having this standard? There are few reasons of this rquirement: Number one is worry. The big company is worry about the small company and his capacity to supply the materials, products or services what he requires. He is not sure how the small company or his vendor maintains quality in his management. The conglomerate is worry about the ontime receiving the materials or services from the small company or vendor.

Like big organization the international buyers or importers are also worry about the exporter. They always think if he gives order to the manufacturer or supplier in another country will that company be able to deliver the products or services ontime and by maintaining quality? That’s why the buyers from abroad give condition to the supplier, exporter or manufacturers in developing countris to adopt ISO 9001 Standard.

Big organizations or foreign companies can be assured that a small company can supply his ordered product or services ontime and by maintain quality if a small company adopt ISO 9001 Standard in his organization. That’s why they look for ISO 9001 Certified organization around the world.

So, we can see that ultimately a small or SME organization needs ISO 9001 Certification to prove quality and consistently provide products or  services inside the the country or in abroad.

Disadvantages of Small company or SME organizations. There are two major problems for small compnies to adopt ISO Standard 9001. First of all cost and the second one is competent staff. During the economic inflation time many  SME organizations do not have enough money in their hands and they do have ability to hire the quality staff who are expert in English and who has knowledge of ISO 9001 Certification.

Considering the economic crisis situation AAS is providing ISO 9001 Certification services to the SME organizations in Bangladesh at the lowest cost ever. The most attractive offer from AAS is one year validity ISO 9001 Certificate. Which SME is not able to spend 1500 dollars at a time but he can spend 500 dollars easily. So just by spending 500 dollars an SME organization can adopt ISO 91001 Certificate from AAS.

The another problem for adopting ISO 9001 Certificate is ISO training. Without ISO training you no company can adopt or implement ISO standard in his organization. For training usually a company has to pay around 500-1000 dollars. It is also a pain for SME organization. To reduce this pain AAS provides free ISO Training to its prospects.


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ISO Certification Cost

ISO Certification Cost in Bangladesh

ISO Certification cost is divided into two parts:


Before certification audit by Certification Body it is important to prepare ISO documents like: CERTIFICATION SCOPE, POLICY, OBJECTIVES AND PLANNING, PROCEDURE, WORK FLOW, SOP, KEEPPING SOME MANDATORY RECORDS like Quality checking record of the product or services you provide, Internal audit record, NC(Nonconformity Record) CA plan Record etc. When all the required documents are established and records are there then you should do internal audit. After internal audit it is mandatory to conduct management review meetings. An ISO Consultant can help you to do all these things. To accomplish this part of iso certification, the cost starts form 50 thousand to 5 lac Taka based on company radius but this iso documentation cost may vary depends on ISO standard, company status, radius, location etc.


After establishing implementing maintaining of all required documents and records it is necessary to Certification audit. Certification is done by third party Certification Body. They perform audits before issue certification. For three years valid certification the CB performs Stage1 and sage2 audit. then another two yearly audits(Surveillance Audit) are performed by CB. Usually the cost is 1-3 lac for audits within three years. However, ISO certification cost may different considering company’s location, number of sites, auditor’s availability etc.

ISO Certification Meaning

What is the meaning of ISO Certification

ISO Certification is an attestation from a third party certification body that a company runs to one of of the international standards developed by Geneva based international Organization ISO. It can be achieved by an individual(to be an iso auditor) or for the product also.

iSO Certification is given to the company, an individual or for a product. Certification body issues iso certificate after completion some audits. So, before the attestation it is necessary for company, individual or product to pass those audits.

Each standard has some requirements. So, before face any audit by the body it is necessary to implement those requirements for a company or by individual or for the product manufacturer.

There is a lot of standards published by ISO. All of those standards are found in the ISO website store . You may collect copy of those standards from certification body too who already purchased the standards from the ISO store.

After purchasing or collecting the specific standard it should be studied by the company, individual or by the product manufacturer. It is important to know the standard requirements to get the attestation. In most of the cases company takes help from third party ISO Consultant to implement those standard requirements.

In Bangladesh to find an expert ISO Consultant you may contact this page:

ISO 9001 Clause 10

ISO 9001:2015 Clause 10 is the last clause of 10 clauses. It tells about improvement of processes, products or services.

Continual improvement is one of the major principles of ISO 9001. Clause number 10 describes how you can do continual improvement.

In your processes if you find nonconformities then you should take action to stop recurrence of that. Before take action it tells to find the root cause of the problem. After finding root cause if you take action, then it will be effective.

Clause 10 is devided into three parts:
10.1: GENERAL: This sub clause tells about determining and selecting opportunities for improvement by the organization and implement any necessary actions to meet customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction.

10.2: Nonconformity and Corrective Action: When any nonconformity or deviation is seen in the processes then the organization will take action to control or correct it. After taking corrective action against that nonconformity this should be evaluated and the effectiveness of that corrective action. This type of non conformities and corrective action plans should be recorded. During the surveillance audit the external auditors will check that records to verify the effectiveness of that CA Plans.

10.3: Continual Improvement: Continual Improvement is at the focus point of ISO 9001 and a key area with which all ISO 9001 Certified organizations shall comply with. This is the way businesses can constantly improve and exist over their competitors. According to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 the organization to work continually to improve its QMS in terms of its suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.

ISO 9001 Clause 10 shows how you can improve your QMS in your organization. If any organization practices this clause properly then definitely that company will see the better improvement. It will bring more customer satisfaction as well.