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 ISO Certification in Bangladesh

This post will help you to get idea about how to get ISO Certificate in Bangladesh. Before going to discuss the topic let’s know what is ISO? ISO is the short form of International  Organization for Standardization. It’s head office is in Geneva Switzerland. It introduces standard only. More than 20,000 standard have been introduced by this organization since it began it’s journey. (more…)

ISO Management System Standard Certification in Bangladesh


ISO Management System Standard Certification in Bangladesh blog post  will help you to get idea about what are the management system standards from ISO and  how to get ISO management system standard Certificate in Bangladesh.

First of all lets know what are the management system standards. ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 50001, 22000 are called management system standards.

9001 means quality management system standard, 14001 means environmental management system, 50001 is known as energy management system, 45001 is called the health safety management system and 22000 is known as food safety management system standard.


Usually it is asked by your buyers or tenderers which standard is need for you to work with them.


Management system standard certification helps you to manage your quality, environment, health safety, Energy, and Food. As a company owner you already have standard to lead your organization but there may have some discrimination to lead your company.  Buyers are not known how you are managing your organization. That’s why they ask for maintain a standard which are known to them.


To get management system standard certificates you will have to contact with any certification body, There are two types of management system certification body. One is accredited and another one is nonaccredited body. To find an accredited certification body you may search the google. Like other certification body AAS is an UK accredited certification body partner in Bangladesh. You may contact with this Certification Body

ISO Certification Body in Bangladesh

ISO Certification Body provides ISO Certificate. Usually this body performs audit before ISO Certification. Usually there is two audits one is Stage one audit and the second one is stage two or certification audit. After completion the stage one the second one is done. Usually the gap between the two audits is 7-15 days. .

ISO Certification body is also known as ISO Registrar. Somebody call it iso certificate provider or iso certification company. Usually they direct work with a company. In the beginning ISO Company came from abroad to perform audit and issued iso certificate in Bangladesh. But now they do not come from abroad. Rather they have Bangladeshi representatives in Bangladesh.

An ISO Certification Body runs on an iso standard is called ISO 17021. It is given by ISO head quarter in Geneva. So, iso certification company is an independent company. No government restriction is there. However they are governed by a body is called Accreditation Body(AB)

Many ISO certification bodies are working in Bangladesh. Lack of local certification company in Bangladesh CB from abroad are dominating the Bangladeshi Certification market.

Most of the certification companies are from UK, America, Australia, Dubai, India or from in EU. Among them UK has monopoly market in this industry. A wide range of acceptance of UK certification body people like to adopt iso certificates from the UK based certification company.

UK Certification bodies have local office in Bangladesh. Most of them are engaged in testing of products for Bangladeshi manufacturers. However, they also provide certificate on various management system standards like iso 9001, iso 14001, iso 45001, iso 27001 etc.

Md Abdul is an IRCA certified Management System lead auditor in Bangladesh. He has been working in Bangladesh since 2010 on behalf of few UK Certification bodies. To reach him you may go here

ISO Standards for Garment Industry


Which ISO standard is applicable for garment Industry?

There is more than 19600 ISO Standards but many garment owners and buyers are not sure actually which ISO Standards are fit for garment industry. This blog post may help them to select ISO standard for garment industry.

Maintain quality and on time delivery are the two most important things for garment industry. In this regard ISO 9001 can be a good instructor for an apparel industry. Because iso9001 works on both the terms quality and on time  delivery.

ISO 9001 2015 is a process based standard. It focuses on main processes of any industry. Specially the money earning process i.e production. ISO 9001 quality management system standard works very efficiently on any process. It emphasizes on all the parts or stages of any process.

This QMS 9001 Standard guides you how to make concentration on all the small parts of any process. It ensures quality of any single part. Because process is related with its inter related stages. If you can do a process successfully then it will be used in another prcocess as input.

As an example we can say Cutting is a process of any garment industry. For cutting you should have some arrangements like review the buyer’s requirement, fabric selection, color selection, setting on table, measurement, shade checking, marking etc. All these things are called stage or part of the CUTTING process.

ISO 9001 tells check and recheck the requirements of buyers for those stages before start the cutting. If you can do all those things properly then we can say Cutting job is successful. If cutting is success then wastes issue in cutting section can be reduced. So, ISO 9001 take care of your wastes also.

Another important thing is on time delivery. ISO 9001 is focused on PDCA approach.  It means PLAN, DO CHECK and ACTION. Before production make plan properly on the order. Then set objectives or target to accomplish the production timely. After running production check the production quality in all the stages carefully including daily target. If there is any deviation then take action. This way ISO works on PADCA cycle.

SO, finally we can say that ISO 9001 Standards work directly with the garment industry. It is a great tool to full fill your buyer’s requirement. AAS has been providing ISO 9001 Certificate for garment and textile industry since 2012. So, to get certificate and professional guideline of ISO 9001 Standard you may contact here

ISO 27001 Certifications

ISO 27001 Certifications post will help you to how can you obtain ISMS certificate? Nowadays data Security is the major concern in IT and data management  firms. To protect from this threat there is no alternative of adopting ISO 27001 Standard certifications. This standard can help you to protect your data from hackers. This standard is also very beneficial for financial institute like bank, insurance, leasing company, call center, software development firm etc.

Why Needs ISO 27001 Standard?

To secure company information ISO 27001 shows guidelines for all types of information, including digital, paper-based documents, intellectual property, company secrets, data on devices, servers, hard copies and personal information. ISMS certification also resists from possible cyber attacks.

What are 27001 Documentation?

For security management System Certification it is first and important thing that preparing some mandatory documents like security policy, Security Procedures, Asset Registrar, Risk Registrar, Various forms and some other required documents which should be prepared before going to attend certification body audit. Only 27001 consultant can help you to develop those ISMS documents.

What are Benefits of 27001 Certifications?

  • Reduces cyber attacks
  • Secures confidentiality of your data
  • Develops data management process
  • Establishes Risk assessment and treatment process
  • Reduces online threats
  • Increases skill of IT staffs
  • Provides frame works of data security

Who provides ISO 27001 Certificate in Bangladesh?

AAS provides Security management system certification in Bangladesh. AAS is the first and most popular certification body partner in Bangladesh who provides certificate in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. It is the only iso company in Bangladesh who works with UK based certification body IQS Audits in the UK.

How AAS Works?

AAS has 27001 certified IRCA auditors and consultants who has long time working experience in different kinds of  top label IT firms, Banks and other financial institutes. To obtain 27001 certification AAS performs audits and training on 27001 standard. Receive 27001 Certificate from AAS means you are getting certificate from UK. Local auditors audits here and those are sent for review in the UK. Final decision comes from the UK and certificates are also issued in the UK.

Who Needs This ISMS Certificate?

IT Company, Private Banks, Government Bank, Insurance Company, Brokerage company, Data management company, Out sourcing companies, Mobile operators and others.

 What are the ISO 27001 Certifications Process?

The certification process of ISO 27001 is almost same as other management system certification. Training, documentation , implementation, Internal audit are few steps to get ISO 27001 Certifications. To see more please visit this page. Contact with AAS From this link

If Above all the questionaries’ help you to understand and finally adopting iso 27001 certifications for your company then this post will be effective post for ISO 27001 certifications.

ISO 27001 Certifications
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