ISO Certification in Bangladesh

What is ISO Certification?

ISO Certification means adapting iso standard in your organization. There are more than 19500 ISO Standards. ISO 9001,14001,45001,22000,13485,27001 are the most popular and widely used iso standards among others.

How to adapt ISO Standard?

To adapt ISO standard you will have to prepare specific standard based documents or instructions. Usually it can be done by hiring an ISO Consultant who has expertise on that specific standard. After completion the documentation and implementation status you will have to attend certification body audit. After completion CB(Certification Body) audit you will achieve ISO Certification.

Where to contact for ISO Certification?

You do not need to contact separately with iso consultant and ISO Certification Body. You can contact with any one. ISO Certification Body or consultant. He or they will guide you how to proceed for the ISO Certification process.

How long to adapt ISO Standard?

There is no specific time table for adapting ISO Standard. It fully depends on organization. How fast they can implement it throughout the processes of it’s organization.