What is iso 9001 cost in Bangladesh

ISO 9001 Certification cost is the major factor to adapt this standard by the organizations in Bangladesh. We will learn how to get this quality management system standard in cheaper cost.

Actually this standard is required by the tenderer or government agencies under different ministry in Bangladesh. Sometimes different multinational foreign companies who are working in different mega projects in Bangladesh are also ask for ISO 9001 Certification for Bangladeshi local companies in Bangladesh. Some factories also need this standard for their importers requirement.

ISO 9001 certification cost in Bangladesh varies on different issues. Like type of iso certificates, iso consultancy cost, documentation and training cost etc. Usually there are two type of ISO Certificates are there: one is IAF and another one is non iaf. IAF certificates cost some higher than non iaf certificates.

For big and medium size companies the price is higher than small companies. Because small companies do not have many processes or department. Big companies need to establish many documents and it takes time to implement too. That’s why consultancy cost is also higher for making ready a big companies for iso 9001 certification.

For big companies there may have different sites. If they include all those sites in the audit scope then the audit cost is higher than a single site audit cost.

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