What is ISO 9001

What is ISO 9001 Standard?

9001 standard is known as the quality management system standard. It is a great tool to develop all processes inside the organization.

It is very common question to many of you who are thinking to achieve ISO 9001 Certificate. ISO 9001 is a most popular ISO standard in the world. Since the second world war, it was developing by ISO with the cooperation of BSI. BS 5750 has influenced to create this ISO quality management Standard 9001. History of ISO 9001 can be read here.

ISO 9001 is the most popular ISO standard around the world. More than two millions of company around the world are using this unique standard alone. It is tested by the world’s top companies and they are using this standard. It is a good guidance to manage a company nicely.

It helps to control management quality. All processes inside the company can be nicely managed and controlled by adopting this ISO 9001 standard. Sales & marketing, HR & admin, Design & development, Production all the process can be brought under this top ISO Standard 9001 umbrella.

If this standard is implemented in a company that the company  must get many benefits. The usefulness of the standard will say what is ISO 9001? Some of the benefits have listed in the below:

It develops your Management System.
It reduces production cost.
It reduces wastes in production
It improves the quality of your products and services.
It extends International market.
It attracts new buyers.
It brings internal benefit.
It assures customer’s satisfaction.
It increases skill and competence of your management team.
It helps to participate in the tender.
It increases your Company’s revenue.
It fulfills the buyers demand
It increases your company image

One of the most important principles of ISO 9001 is people’s involvement. This ISO 9001 standard  ensures all kinds of people’s engagement inside the company. From CEO/Chairman/MD to peon, all designated people’s participation in the company can ensure the excellent result to achieve the target of the company. If a company can achieve the target  in time that the company will not never break down. So, iso9001 brings success of the company.

Another very important thing to this popular ISO  standard is Customer satisfaction. This IS0 9001 standard forces you to fulfill your customer satisfaction. Without fulfilling customer satisfaction, you cannot continue this QMS standard 9001 certificate long. If you show negligence to fulfill your customer’s  requirements then your certificate may be suspended or withdrawn.

Another two must do things of iso 9001 are Internal audit and Management Review meetings. As an ISO 9001 certified client, you or your management staffs will check what are happening inside your company on a regular basis. Usually  twice in a year.

After completion Internal audit as a management top, you will have to hear  what is happening inside your company. It is must do thing of a company cheap. It is called Management Review Meeting. In this meeting, you will have to attend  in  meeting regularly usually twice in a year.

Surveillance audit is another work done by Certification Body’s auditor. In this audit, auditor will check your last activities in specific or few department of your organization on the sample basis. During the audit time, if any noncompliance  found then he will issue  NC.

This NC is very good tool to correct yourself. In iso 9001 this is taught how to control NC and how to take action, not to recurrence of the nonconformity. So, this way it helps to decrease wastes in production as well as it saves your production cost. So, it will be cleared to many of you who are still asking what is ISO 9001.

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