ISO 9001 Certification Cost in Bangladesh

What is iso 9001 cost in Bangladesh

ISO 9001 Certification cost is the major factor to adapt this standard by the organizations in Bangladesh. We will learn how to get this quality management system standard in cheaper cost.

Actually this standard is required by the tenderer or government agencies under different ministry in Bangladesh. Sometimes different multinational foreign companies who are working in different mega projects in Bangladesh are also ask for ISO 9001 Certification for Bangladeshi local companies in Bangladesh. Some factories also need this standard for their importers requirement.

ISO 9001 certification cost in Bangladesh varies on different issues. Like type of iso certificates, iso consultancy cost, documentation and training cost etc. Usually there are two type of ISO Certificates are there: one is IAF and another one is non iaf. IAF certificates cost some higher than non iaf certificates.

For big and medium size companies the price is higher than small companies. Because small companies do not have many processes or department. Big companies need to establish many documents and it takes time to implement too. That’s why consultancy cost is also higher for making ready a big companies for iso 9001 certification.

For big companies there may have different sites. If they include all those sites in the audit scope then the audit cost is higher than a single site audit cost.

AAS has b Ieen working in Bangladesh to provide iso 9001 certification at the lowest cost than any other certification bodies in Bangladesh. It provides both IAF and non IAF Certificates in Bangladesh. It has iso auditor panel list who provides iso consultancy services at the lowest cost on iso 9001 as well as other iso standards.To get iso 9001 certification cost in Bangladesh you may contact with aas certification here

ISO Certification

ISO Certification in Bangladesh

What is ISO Certification?

ISO Certification means adapting iso standard in your organization. There are more than 19500 ISO Standards. ISO 9001,14001,45001,22000,13485,27001 are the most popular and widely used iso standards among others.

How to adapt ISO Standard?

To adapt ISO standard you will have to prepare specific standard based documents or instructions. Usually it can be done by hiring an ISO Consultant who has expertise on that specific standard. After completion the documentation and implementation status you will have to attend certification body audit. After completion CB(Certification Body) audit you will achieve ISO Certification.

Where to contact for ISO Certification?

You do not need to contact separately with iso consultant and ISO Certification Body. You can contact with any one. ISO Certification Body or consultant. He or they will guide you how to proceed for the ISO Certification process.

How long to adapt ISO Standard?

There is no specific time table for adapting ISO Standard. It fully depends on organization. How fast they can implement it throughout the processes of it’s organization.

Quality Management System Certification

What is quality management system iso certification

It is too much searched keyword about quality management system. This post will help you about this phrase quality management system certification.

What is quality management system in ISO?

In ISO the quality management system is defined in the following way: If you have a company then how you are managing it? Is there any written instructions, is there any policy, procedures to run various processes in your organization? Do you have any quality checking activities? How do you monitor your operational processes? Are your customers are satisfied by your products or services? All these things are described in the ISO Quality management system.

So, if you want to get quality management system certification in your organization then mentally you will have to be prepared that you will have those documents or you will have to prepare all those documents to maintain quality in your organization.

Without documents a company cannot be run smoothly. So, the first step to iso quality management system certification is prepare documents for achieve quality management system certification.

Before these documentation list was too long. But now the quality management system certification is much more easier. Now you can prepare some mandatory documents for quality management system certification. You can see in another post for required documents for ISO QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATION

IAF Certificate

Get ISO IAF Certificate from IAF member Accreditation Body

IAF Certificate has worldwide acceptance around the world. Though it is not mandatory but in some countries and some companies ask for iaf certificate. Actually iaf has no connection with the clients directly. IAF has connection only with Accreditation Body(AB). Becoming a iaf member means abide by some rules and regulations from the IAF (International Accreditation Forum). AB is bound to follow those guidelines from iaf.

IAF is an International Accreditation Forum. It’s head office is in Vergenia in the United States. it’s primary function is to develop a single worldwide program of conformity assessment which reduces risk for businesses and their customers by assuring them that accredited certificates and validation and verification statements may be relied upon. That’s why it has popularity worldwide.

If you have any iaf logo on the certificate then you be assured that your certificates are reliable and trusted. Your certificates have been issued by following the all guidelines and regulations from iaf. If you got your certificate from AB who is a member of IAF then it can be checked from this link.

Government and nongovernement accreditation Bodies both can be member of iaf. Like ANAB, UKAS are the government accreditatio Bodies. UAF, IAS are the non governmental accreditation body who are also the member of IAF.

AAS Certification has been providing iaf certificate in Bangladesh at the lowest price and in the shortest time. If you are looking for iaf certificate then you can contact with AAS

CA Plan

What is CA Plan and how to take CA Plan

CA(Corrective Action) প্ল্যান বা কার্রেক্টিভ অ্যাকশন প্ল্যান একটি ইম্পরট্যান্ট টুল, ISO সার্টিফিকেশন বা ISO সার্টিফাইড কোম্পানির জন্য। এই পোস্ট এ আমরা জানবো কিভাবে CA প্ল্যান বা কেন এইটা নিতে হয় ?

ISO সার্টিফিকেশন এর অন্যতম একটি মূল নীতি হলো ক্রমান্বয়ে ডেভেলপমেন্ট বা উন্নতি সাধন করা। তাই নিয়মিত বিশেষ করে অডিট এর পরে যদি কোনো ত্রুটি বা ননকন্ফর্মিটি আসে তাহলে CA প্ল্যান এর মাধ্যমে এই ভুল কারেক্ট করা হয় এবং একই ধরণের ভুল যাতে বারবার না হয় তারজন্য পদ্ধক্ষেপ নিতে হয়।

বিভিন্ন ভাবে C A প্ল্যান নেয়া যায়। যাদের মধ্যে ৫ WHY এনালাইসিস টুল হলো অন্যতম। এই পদ্ধতিতে সর্বোচ ৫টি প্রশ্ন করে ওই ভুল বা ত্রুটির মূল কারণ খোঁজা হয়। প্রতিটি প্রশ্ন অবশ্যই WHY দিয়ে শুরু করতে হয়। সর্বোচ ৫টি প্রশ্ন থাকলেও সমস্যা ভেদে এটির উত্তর তিনটি বা দুটিতে হয়ে যেতে পারে। যাইহোক মূল কারণ বের করার পর ব্যাবস্থা নিতে হয় যাতে ওই একই সমস্যা পুনরায় আর দেখা না যায়। এই ব্যবস্থা কে বলা হয় C A প্ল্যান বা CORRECTIVE ACTION PLAN |

সাধারাত অডিটের পর এই কে প্ল্যান নেয়া হয় এন্ড দ্বিতীয় অডিটের সময় এর এফেক্টিভনেস পরীক্ষা করে অডিটর তা CLOSE করে থাকেন। তবে মেজর NC এর ক্ষেত্রে তা পরবর্তী অডিটের আগেই ক্লোস করতে হয়, অন্যথায় সার্টিফিকেট বাতিল হয়ে যাতে পারে|

এইভাবে ক্রমাগতভাবে ভুল বা ত্রুটির পর CA প্ল্যান এর মাধ্যমে একটি কোম্পানি তার কন্টিনুয়াস ডেভেলপমেন্ট এর প্রমান দেখাতে পারে।

CA প্ল্যান সমন্ধে আপনাদের কোনো মতামত থাকলে অবশ্যই কমেন্টস বক্সে লিখবেন |