Quality Management System Certification

What is quality management system iso certification

It is too much searched keyword about quality management system. This post will help you about this phrase quality management system certification.

What is quality management system in ISO?

In ISO the quality management system is defined in the following way: If you have a company then how you are managing it? Is there any written instructions, is there any policy, procedures to run various processes in your organization? Do you have any quality checking activities? How do you monitor your operational processes? Are your customers are satisfied by your products or services? All these things are described in the ISO Quality management system.

So, if you want to get quality management system certification in your organization then mentally you will have to be prepared that you will have those documents or you will have to prepare all those documents to maintain quality in your organization.

Without documents a company cannot be run smoothly. So, the first step to iso quality management system certification is prepare documents for achieve quality management system certification.

Before these documentation list was too long. But now the quality management system certification is much more easier. Now you can prepare some mandatory documents for quality management system certification. You can see in another post for required documents for ISO QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATION

Quality Management System ISO 9001

Quality Management System ISO 9001

quality management system iso9001

quality management system


What is Quality Management System?

This post will help you to know what is quality management system or definition of quality management system. It will also help you to get management system certificate in Bangladesh.

Quality Management System (QMS) is very much essential to run your business efficiently. Without QMS you cannot do business with quality company in your country or in abroad. Quality management system ISO9001 ensures that you are managing your company nicely and skillfully.

History of Quality Management
Quality Management Idea first came in early 1920. In the beginning it was limited on production or manufacturing sector. A jews and Romanian citizen Mr Joseph Juran is known as the first management consultant. Later after second world war another world famous Japanese management consultant Missaki Imai introduced Kaizen Theory. Later in 1950 American professor Dr Williams Deming introduced his revolutionary quality management system theory PDCA Cycle. You can read evolution of PDCA Cycle here
What is quality Management System?
Quality Managment System (QMS) is the system, where all business processes are well Organised to achieve quality policy and quality objectives which are based on meeting customer requirements. It is the structure of an organisation.
QMS can be compared with human skeleton. Human life is established on well-structured skeleton. Without this structure our existence is impossible. Just like that without establishing a quality management system an organization cannot run well.
Now in the latest world the management system is based on iso 9001 standard. It is internationally recognised and worldwide accepted management system standard for maintaining quality. It can be applied in production and service sector. So, to know the quality management system it is necessary to know the standard 9001. 9001 quality standard is based on 8 principles.


Quality Management ISO 9001
According to the ISO 9001 Standard the qms idea is based on few step by step act. First of all the company will plan what he will do. This is called plan. According to his plan he will make policy, objective, procedures, work instruction and processes. To run those processess he will provide all resources including machineries, equipments, utilities and human power. Later he will watch what is happening in his production or service lines. If it runs smoothly then all are ok. If there is any problem then he will take CA plan to correct that.This is the way of  continual  development  or continuous development. It will continue infinitely until the company exist.
The above qms idea  was influenced by professor Dr. dreaming. His quality idea is based on four easy letters and that is P D C A. P stands for Plan, Do for Do, C for Check A for Action (if necessary). Know more about PDCA Cycle.
Risk Assessment and taking necessary steps to resist against risk is important task for you. Any kind of risk can happen at any time. That’s why taking  preventive action is necessary. Like regular maintenance of your machines and equipments is important to face any unexpected incident inside your factory. ISO 9001 tells about risk assessment. That’s why it is a good quality management standard.
Here is a very common question about how a top management will do those things easily? Because he has no enough time to engage himself with the company. Here is a good guideline  for top management from 9001 standard.
In the work instruction and working procedure all guidelines will be written. Job description for all staffs including MD will be there. That is called iso documentation. So, it is not necessary to tell your staff daily to do that, do it, etc. ISO documents will say everything for everybody. who will does what? So, if the company owner or chairman can establish a well documents for his company he is ready to run anywhere.
Completion of ISO documentation is not enough. You cannot depend on your staffs of your organization fully. You cannot relly on your staffs. It is necessary to check by yourself what is actually happening inside your company. How can you do that? There is a good business tools for you to see your company 9001. What are they?
Internal Audit and Management Review Meeting are two most powerful tools to see your company status. Having this two tools is mandatory for iso9001. According to your company status you can set this internal audit activities as your need. It can be done twice or thrice in a year. If you find anything is mismatched then take action to remove and recover that.  This is called the continual development. And it is continuous process. It will continue for unlimited time.
All things are described in above are found in ISO 9001 Standard. So, if you are looking for quality management system certificate then getting iso 9001 certificate is the right decision. Worlwide more then 1.6 million companies are adopting this most effective tool to develop their quality in Management. Read more how to get ISO 9001 certificate?


Quality Management System

Quality Management System

quality management system standard

quality management system

Quality Management System is also known as ISO 9001 Standard. This post will help you to know about quality management system or qms system. In many places sometimes it is written in the tender notice about quality management system certificate.

If you are a new about the phrase qms standard, then it may appear difficult to you. After reading this  post it will be helpful for you about the concept of the quality management system standard.

In the language of ISO the quality management system standard is known as ISO 9001 Standard. It is also known as the king of other standard. It is also known as basic standard. frame-work of quality idea is found from this standard.

Most of the buyers now give requirement for many suppliers and exporters to have an ISO 9001 Standard. without this standard you cannot work with those buyers. Why it is so important? Why the buyers and importers say his suppliers to having  an qms certificate?

Quality management system standard is a standard which can be implemented in any kind of organization. So, it is most discussed and popular standard. Among others it is used by various types of organization including quality management system for construction, pharmaceutical quality management system, quality standard for school, college & university.

Until now ISO has disclosed more than 19600 standards. Among them more than 1.2 million organizations have been using this ISO 9001 quality management system standard around the world. Gradually this number is increasing.

There are many good guidelines in this most popular ISO standard. Setting your business policy, documents control, train your staffs for creating competency and awareness, providing resource for smoothly running your system, Inhouse production checking system, faulty product determination guideline and steps to removing  those causes of rejection are among few good things about qms standard.

For successful consistency in the business it is an important task for you as a company owner or company chief monitoring the activities of your company. In this regard your participation is very much important as a company head.  ISO9001 has excellent tool to see the growth of your firm. So, Internal audit and managment review meetings are two mandatory things for and before qms certification.

Benefits of implementation of quality management system are a lot. You can see some benefits of quality managment system from below:

Benefits of quality Management Systems:

  • It saves cost in production/services
  • Better internal management
  • Less wastage in production
  • Increase efficiency, productivity and profit
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Consistent outcomes, measured and monitored
  • Increases revenue
  • Increases staff’s honesty and skill
  • qms helps to participate in tender
  • Helps to extend international market
  • It urges for continual development

You can read more about benefits of iso9001