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How to get calibration services Bangladesh?

Calibration is necessary for getting ISO 9001 Certificate for manufacturing company where monitoring devices are used. This post will help you to know what is calibration and who needs it and how to get calibration services in Bangladesh?

What is calibration?

Calibration is a comparison of measurements. It is the setting of correcting of measuring devices comparing with another known and corrected one which are internationally accepted.

Who Needs Calibration?

Calibration certificate is required for monitoring devices including meter/micrometer/pressure gauge/moisture meter/measurement tape/weight scale  or any other devices which  contribute a lot to maintaining  the quality of your product.


If you are using those devices mentioned above  in your manufacturing plant then it is mandatory to do calibration for those devices. Without calibration, you cannot expect ISO 9001 Certificate.

Calibration record ensures the reading of any machines, meters or devices. According to the clause no 7.6 (a) of ISO 9001: 2008 Standard the Measuring equipment shall be calibrated or verified or both at specified intervals or prior to use.

This calibration process must be completed against measurement standards traceable to international or national measurement standards; where no such standard exist, the basis used for calibration or verification shall be recorded.

Customer satisfaction is one of the major principles of iso 9001 Standard. By providing quality products and meeting requirements you can gain customer satisfaction. Calibration helps to provide accurate measurement. Accurate measurement is the condition of providing quality product. To get quality and accurate measurement from your device calibration has important role.

For implementing clause 7.6 (a) of ISO 9001:2008 it is your responsibilities to have calibration records of all monitoring devices including pressure gauge, thermometer, micrometer, vernier scale, voltmeter, pressure transmitter, deadweight tester, weighing balance, weight scale, Measuring cylinder, Measuring tape etc.


Calibration-cost is the major obstacle for factory owners in Bangladesh for unwillingness of doing calibration for monitoring  devices or any other equipment. Though it contributes a lot for maintaining product’s quality but only for high cost factory owners do not like to take this services.

Calibration for Medical Equipment is also very important. Patient monitor, Incubator, Nebulizer, Air pump mattress etc are widely used devices in hospital and clinic. But there is not enough lab in Bangladesh who calibrate medical equipment. To get calibration services for medical devices you may contact us.

Why calibration is Necessary?

Calibrating of the monitoring devices have very  important role for machine performance. If a monitoring meter shows a wrong reading it can be a cause of crash of your machine or engine in any manufacturing plant. So, it is important for getting good performance and longibility of your machine by doing calibration. If any accident occurs in your factory you can be in great loss financially. On the other hand it is responsible for production of faulty products too. So, you need to do calibration from authorized and accredited calibration service provider in Bangladesh.

What is accredited lab?

There are many labs in Bangladesh but all of them are not accredited. Only those labs are accredited who have ISO 17025 certificate. So, before going to do calibration from any lab be sure first that the lab has 17025 certificate. For international trading it is necessary to calibrate your monitoring devices from an accredited lab.

How to get low-cost calibration company?

Advanced Assessment Services has link with some calibration companies in Bangladesh and India who are accredited companies for providing calibration services for various  industrial equipments and devices. Their fee is reasonable and they  provide very instant calibration service to the customers need. So for any kind of Calibration Services Bangladesh simply  visit this page.