ISO Certification Process


ISO 9001 2015 Certification process is as following:


1 Signing contract: It is the first step of ISO Certification process. We have prescribed application and you will have to fill up this form by giving company information.

2 Make Advance: We take 50% advance before starting certification process. It is usually 50% of total amount.

3 Participate in ISO Training:  ISO training is very very important before going to be ISO certified company. In the training you will learn basic things of ISO standard, What are required documents for ISO 9001 2015 Certification, how to implement ISO standard’s guideline in your organization, how to do internal audit and management review meeting etc are taught in the ISO training.

4 Prepare ISO Documents: Some documents are necessary and mandatory before implementing ISO standard in your organization. You can prepare those documents by yourself  from the training session.

5 Implement ISO requirements: After preparing ISO documents it is necessary to implement ISO guidelines in your organization. Minimum two months records are necessary before going to participate in certification audit.

6 Participate in ISO Audit: When ISO Standard is implemented in your organization then we perform stage1 or document review audit and  Certification or stage 2 audit in your organization. It is one of the must doing things of ISO Certification Process.

7 Wait for Audit Report and Certificate: After completion  stage 1  and stage 2 (certification audit) audits audited documents are sent to our headquarter. If there is no NC and the report is satisfied the certificate will be issued.

8 Pay due amount and receive Certificate:  Issued certificate will be delivered to you upon collecting due amount.

Those are the few steps of  ISO 9001 2015 Certification process to get ISO Certificate  from us. This process is followed too for another ISO Standards Certification.