ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified Companies list in Bangladesh. This is the partial list of ISO Certified companies. . This page is a good reference for them who are looking for doing business with the quality companies in Bangladesh who maintains international standards in their organizations. Foreign buyers, local tenderer can find qms and ems certified company in Bangladesh from this page.

Reverie Power and Automation Engineering Ltd.

It is one of the largest transformer manufacturers electric substation manufacturers in Bangladesh. This electric company supplies transmitter to the top level organization like Siemens.

National Agencies:

Oldest and renowned custom, shipping and transport agent in Bangladesh. This is the company who has been engaged in this business since Pakistan period. The company has very excellent business track record with multinational companies from Germany, Italy, England and others EU Countries for providing quality transport and logistic support and  services to its clients. You can know more about this custom agent 

House of Caps & Clothing Ltd.

First ISO 9001 Certified cap manufacturing Korean Company in Bangladesh. The company  strictly maintains quality in production and fills the requirements of ISO 9001 Standard inside all processes. After obtaining the certificate, the company is getting more and more offers from Japan, USA, and other developed countries. The growth of this iso certified clothing company in Bangladesh is very satisfactory and remarkable.

M2SYS Technology:

It is now  one of the top level ISO Certified IT firms in the world. This company provides security related software and security device around the world. FBI is on of the major clients of this it firm. This company has a good reputation for providing security and identification software. Recently M2SYS has adopted ISO 9001 Certificate from BAS to continual development of all processes throughout the organization and providing best customer support to its clients.

Quantam Builders & Engineering Ltd.

Prefabricated Steel building manufacturer in Bangladesh. This company has recently obtained ISO 9001 Certificate from BAS. It is one of the largest steel building manufacturers in the country. It works with top-level local and international organizations. This iso certified steel building company in Bangladesh is contributing a lot to industrialization processes in the country. By adopting quality management system certificate this company is committed to developing its production process and provide more quality enriched various project to its clients.

Dhaka Dockyards & Engineering Works

ISO Certified ship builder. It is one of the leading and oldest shipbuilding and engineering company in Bangladesh. The company has been manufacturing ships for its domestic and international buyers with full satisfaction. The company is practicing to develop its quality in all sections throughout the organization after obtaining qms certificate from us.

Grameen Solutions Ltd.

It is one of the leading IT firms in Bangladesh. Professor Dr. Yunus the first Bangladeshi Novel Laureate  is the founder of this software development  company. We feel proud to work with this top IT  company to develop its quality management system throughout the organization. By adopting International standard 9001 or quality management system standard, the company is committed to continual improvement of all sectors of the organization.  GSL is known to all as a   prestigious domestic and international it company around the world.


First ISO Certified NGO in Bangladesh. Leading NGO in Bangladesh who has been working with underprivileged children to educate and providing job.  Students of this NGO  are always doing excellent result for Bangladesh Karigori Shikha Board. The result is very excellent and its customers all are very satisfied on this NGO’s great effort for working with distress people in the urban area. By adopting ISO 9001, Certification it committed to providing developed services for its clients in Bangladesh.

Onno Rokom Electrical Industries Ltd.

First ISO Certified Bangladeshi electronics and electric company in Bangladesh who produces digital voltage stabilizer including other various electronic products. This company was founded by a group of motivated BUETED engineers. Their dreams are to build new Bangladesh by presenting new technology enriched product by applying their own knowledge and experience gathered from their academic life.

Shamim Enterprise Pvt Ltd.

Leading construction firm for building roads and highway including five-star residential hotel in Bangladesh. It is also the first-class construction contractor for roads and highway who has obtained Quality Management System certificate. Mr. Shamim Ahmed the director of FBCCI the largest business group in Bangladesh is the owner of this company.

Yeakin Polymer Ltd.

Leading plastic company in Bangladesh. It is the first iso certified plastic and packaging industry in Khulna who has implemented ISO 9001 requirements in their production process. The company has developed a lot to develop its product’s quality after obtaining iso certificate. It is the largest ISO 9001 Certified plastic company in Bangladesh. This company is doing business with top level product suppliers throughout the country as well as it is exporting its plastic products in different countries in the world.

Mask Associates Ltd.

Oldest and the largest jute and jute product exporter in Bangladesh. This company has adopted ISO 9001 Certificate from BAS. This company is engaged to develop all of its processes according to the requirements of ISO 9001 Standard. The company is gaining all benefits from Quality Management System ISO certification. Gradually the company is getting more and more buyers after adopting certificate from AAS in Bangladesh. Mask is the ISO Certified jute and jute products exporter in Bangladesh who is extending its international market by continual development of its services.


Megatech GNBD Ltd.

First class ISO Certified contractor. This company works with world famous multinational construction companies. This company has been completed many national and international projects around the world. After adopting certificate from BAS the company is committed to develop all of its business processes and customer satisfaction.

The Bengal Electric Ltd.

It is one of the major transport and logistic support providers to the domestic and international construction companies. This electric company has been assisting to its international partners to complete various electric sub station in Bangladesh. Without substations this company provides transportation logistic and heavy equipment moving support to various multinational company to  move heavy various machineries from one place to another. Recently this company obtained ISO 9001 Certificate from BAS. It is the first ISO Certified electric and logistic support company in Bangladesh.