Fire Accident and ISO Standard

Fire accident and ISO Standard

Banani FR Tower Fire Accident

Fire accident in Bangladesh is a great concern nowadays. Very frequently the fire accident is happening in the country. It is killing people and destroying valuable asset. Not only that it is destroying a family. It is making unexpected burn injury which is very miserable. How long it will continue?

There is building code and fire safety guideline and RAJUK guidelines on behalf of the government for the building maker. But the problem is most of the building owners i.e developers do not obey those rules. Due to the building owners negligence we are seeing this kind of heart broken incident in the city.

Definitely the government agency cannot deny their responsibility. Enough law is there to prevent or minimize fire accident but due to negligence and corruption in the agencies it is still happening very frequently. Lac of monitoring and establishment of judgement for the offenders it is happening. So, government cannot refuge their failure in this incidents.

There is a proverb that prevention is better than cure. During the building construction period developer or building owner should establish this kind of preventive measures. These are establishing fire fighting equipment throughout the building, fire extinguisher, hydrant, reserve water facilities and finally assigning a fire officer or safety officer for the building by providing him proper safety training.

Though some buildings have those facilities but most of the cases there is no designated fire or safety officer for the building. That’s why fire is not controlled in the emergency cases. There should be smoke detector or alarming system which can help people to exit rapidly in emergency cases. However there should have enough emergence exit ways also.

There are few ISO standards like ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 which can be good guidelines for building owners or developers to control the fire. The different between the government fire law and ISO standard is monitoring system. If any company adopt those standard then the Certification Body(CB) auditors contribute a lot.

Before certification they do the gap analysis and suggest what to do according to the ISO standard for minimization of fire accident. After establishing those system in the building the company can achieve the certificate.

After certification it is mandatory the building owner to check their own fire fighting system by performing internal audit. It is mandatory for a ISO certified company to do internal audit regularly usually twice in a year. On the other-hand CB performs surveillance audit once in a year. So, ultimately there is three times mandatory checking system if any company adopts ISO Certificate on 14001 or 45001 Standard.

ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standard is becoming more popular to save our environment and save people’s health. To prevent accident inside the building both standards can be a very effective tools who wants to control fire accident.

There are few CBs who are working in Bangladesh to provide ISO Certificates. Like others IQS Audits located in the UK is working in Bangladesh with the association of  Advanced Assessment Services



45001 Certification

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ISO 45001 Certification is also known as health safety management system certification. Before it was named as OHSAS 18001 standard and it was British standard. Now it is known as ISO 45001 standard. It is published by ISO Geneva based office in 2018.

OHSAS 18001 is still using by  some companies who took it before publishing 45001 standard in March 2018. So, though some organization still using18001 certificate but after 2021 it will be expired. After 11th March 2021 it will not be accepted by any stake holder or by your customer. So, it is wise decision now to adopt 45001 standard instead 18001 standard.

Worldwide workers health is in great risk. Specially who work in 3D (Dirty, Dangerous and Difficult) industries their health safety issue is in dangerous position. Decreasing humanity from the society, too much profit minded attitude among the factory owners group, negligence and corruption of respecting agents of government are the major causes of this health  risk of workers.

ISO 45001:2018 can be worked as a particle of light for the workers in 3D(Dirty, Difficult and Dangerous) industries. Specially for 45001 ISO auditors can contribute a lot to protect workers health in those industries who are showing negligence to protect workers health in 3D industries.

ISO 45001 consultant can help those industries who are interested to implement this standard in their factories or work places. Specially they can help to reduce air pollution, sound pollution by providing guidelines for the factory management.

In many places where PPE and safety shoes are necessary but due to negligence  of factory management that are not provided. So, workers may  lose toe or leg from accident though it can be avoided by a small investment.

In some cases workers do not wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) due to lack of awareness about health safety. In this regard awareness training on 45001 can be provided to the workers to reduce the risk from the workers. ISO 45001 consultant can provide this training.

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iso 45001 standard

ISO 45001:2018 provides guideline for health safety management system. It minimizes the accident, injury and  ill health in the work place. ISO 45001:2018 is applicable to any organization that wishes to establish, implement and maintain an OH&S management system in  his organization.

Like other standards requirements it needs to establish some documents like OH&S Policy, Objectives, Procedure, emergency preparedness procedure etc. Continual improvement, achievement of OH & S objectives, fulfillment of legal requirements are checked before certification on this standard.

Any type and any size of organisation can adopt this standard. Specially where worker’s health is in risky position they need this standard very much. Like construction site, port, chemical industry, Dyeing factory, Ceiling fan industry, Pipe manufacturers, Press and printing industries etc.

There are some requirements for this standard. If any organisation follow these requirements and implement those terms then accident and injury will be reduced significantly.

There are 10 clauses, many sub and sub sub clauses in this standard. It is not mandatory to implement all those clauses in an organization which are not applicable  for him. However required clauses should be incorporated to claim the conformity of this standard in OH & S management system in the organization.

This standard can be taken in any organization along with other management system standards like 9001 and 14001 standards. As IMS or integrated management system standard this 45001 standard can be adopted by any organisation for  easy documentation, application and maintenance of multiple standards simultaneously.

AAS provides ISO 45001:2018 Certification in Bangladesh from the UK based certification body which can add extra value in your processes.  Certificates are accredited by ASCB/IAS. Without certification AAS has good link with free lancing 45001 consultants in Bangladesh and abroad who can help you to implement ISO 45001 guidelines in your organization. To get quote  for  45001 certification  process   from AAS you may contact this page .