iso 14001 2015 can minimize air pollution

ISO 14001 2015 is the latest version of environmental management system standard from the international organization ISO. First edition was iso 14001:1996 and the second edition was iso 14001:2004. Both of them versions are out of date.

All standards are periodically reviewed by Geneva based international organization ISO to ensure they still meet market requirements. The current version is ISO 14001:2015, It is known as EMS international standard. and certified organizations were given a three-year transition period to adapt their environmental management system to the new edition of the standard. The new version environment standard focuses on the improvement of environmental performance rather than the improvement of the management system itself.

Now our environment is in great risk. From the beginning people have been destroying the god gifted nice nature according to his own intention without judgement of its good and bad sites. God has created all the forest, water, river, sea, air, animal for human beings welfare. But from the beginning human kind is doing wrong. Their knowledge is limited. They have been destroying the natures in unplanned manner.

After committing the great mistake on our nature now world leaders are understanding and gathering together to save our nature anyway. The world leaders sit together in a big city to discuss how they can contribute to save our earth.

Unplanned industrialization, deforestation are the major causes of destruction of our nature. Due to unplanned industrialization the rich country has cut the trees, polluted the air and water too much. The industrial wastes and harmful chemicals are flowing to the river, sea and canal. So, different water based animal are going to be destroyed.

Due to unplanned industrialization we have polluted our air by adding too much toxic gas and Carbon dioxide. To safe living on the earth it is time to reduce those harmful things from our environment.

To remove all those adverse things from our earth there is no alternative to work together. That’s why each year worlds leaders sit together to work on those issues.

We hope in each climate change summits should create some rules for the world to bring back our nature to the previous stage. Like reduce carbon emission level, reduce deforestation, reduce car environment harmful vehicle production etc.

To work unitedly it is very much important to adapt iso 14001 standard effectively. Every organizations around the world specially manufacturing industries should implement ISO 14001 2015 guidelines very strictly to save our environment.

Very strict message can be delivered to all the nations from the UN that without implementation iso 14001 2015 guidelines in each industry no country will get any assistance from the various international forum like UNO, IMF, WB, ADB etc.

Our planet is going to be heated by increasing 1-2 degree centigrade temperature in each year. If this flow continue the world will become unusable place for all creatures. That’s mean certain death of all creatures on this earth.

So, no more delay and no more negligence from the world leaders to take effective action plan to implement ISO 14001 2015 standard throughout the all industries. If world leader cannot do that our next generation will not be able to live in this earth.

The latest 26th UN climate change held on 1-12 Nov 2021 in Glasgow. Conference of the parties (COP26). The UK is committed to working with all countries and joining forces with civil society, companies and people on the frontline of climate change to inspire climate action ahead of COP26.

Different climate action can be seen from this link:

ISO 14001 2015 is an effective standard to reduce environmental aspects and impacts in the respective regions. In this regard all the governments around the globe can do mandatory to adapt ISO 14001 2015 Standard for each industry. It can help to save our nature from bad effect of climate changing turns from the world.

In Bangladesh AAS has been working to adapt ISO 14001 2015 Standard to minimize environmental impact from the aspects. It takes very low fees for that reason. You may contact this page for ISO 14001 2015 Certification in Bangladesh.