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Quality Certificate is a popular keyword right now in Bangladesh. So, this is the keyword of my post in this month. Though there is many meaning of quality but here in this post I will discuss only quality certificate in ISO.

ISO 9001 is also known as quality certificate or Quality Management System Certificate. It is also known as QMS in a nutshell. It is issued by a Certification Body.

9001:2015 is the
latest version of ISO 9001 standard. It started in 1987. Until now it is
revised five times since then. Now it is in fifth version. If you want to get
quality certificate then ISO 9001:2015 is the right version for you.

What does it mean
quality certificate? In ISO it means quality of a organization.  Quality of different sections or quality of
different department in a organization. Quality for HR Admin, Sales marketing,
Procurement, Production etc. In a word quality for organization means
maintaining quality in different departments of a organization.

As an example for
quality in production, what does it mean? It means how you are maintaining
quality of your product? Are you monitoring the measurement of the product when
it is producing, Does it meet the client’s requirement or your own
specification data? Are you keeping record of your error products? Are you
taking CA Plan against frequently happened error? All these things are checked
during ISO audit.

Participating in
audit is mandatory for achieving and holding your ISO Quality certificate.
Audit helps to find the facts in your production. Production staffs are asked
to show the quality checking record, wastes record, machine breakdown record
etc. during the ISO audit.

Not only ISO audit.
Internal audit is mandatory for ISO Certification or after ISO Certification.
Usually internal audit (IA)is done inside the organization by it’s own staffs
or it can be done by hiring an ISO Consultant. Without performing IA you cannot
hold your iso quality certificate. It will be suspended if you do not perform
IA on regular basis.

So, getting a
quality certificate means you are appointing your supervisor or manager who
will give you report of your whole organization. ISO Quality auditor will find
the real facts actually what are happening in your organization during the
audit, usually once in a year.

Worldwide quality
certificate has a great demand. Specially for EU and Middle East Buyers it is
asked to the exporters or suppliers to have this certificate. It ensures the
quality of your organization.

For smooth and
efficient operation of a company quality certificate has a great value. It is a
great tool to see your organization. It helps to get new job from new buyers.
It helps to increase your internal quality. Finally it helps to earn more
revenue for your company.

AAS has been
providing quality certificate since 2012. Until now it has certified more than
200 companies. The quality certificates come from the UK. AAS has experienced
auditors who can help you to develop your organization and finally achieving
the quality certificate.

Ownership and custodian of assets needs to
be revised as per current scenario

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