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ISO  9001 Standard is a quality management system standard. Any kind of organization can adopt this international standard to develop company’s processes for demonstrating his ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

If any organization wants to do business with famous or  big organization then he needs this standard. If any organization wants to work as a supplier for any government organization then he needs this standard ISO 9001.

Now the question is why the big corporation or government organizations ask for small company, contractor, supplier or vendor to having this standard? There are few reasons of this rquirement: Number one is worry. The big company is worry about the small company and his capacity to supply the materials, products or services what he requires. He is not sure how the small company or his vendor maintains quality in his management. The conglomerate is worry about the ontime receiving the materials or services from the small company or vendor.

Like big organization the international buyers or importers are also worry about the exporter. They always think if he gives order to the manufacturer or supplier in another country will that company be able to deliver the products or services ontime and by maintaining quality? That’s why the buyers from abroad give condition to the supplier, exporter or manufacturers in developing countris to adopt ISO 9001 Standard.

Big organizations or foreign companies can be assured that a small company can supply his ordered product or services ontime and by maintain quality if a small company adopt ISO 9001 Standard in his organization. That’s why they look for ISO 9001 Certified organization around the world.

So, we can see that ultimately a small or SME organization needs ISO 9001 Certification to prove quality and consistently provide products or  services inside the the country or in abroad.

Disadvantages of Small company or SME organizations. There are two major problems for small compnies to adopt ISO Standard 9001. First of all cost and the second one is competent staff. During the economic inflation time many  SME organizations do not have enough money in their hands and they do have ability to hire the quality staff who are expert in English and who has knowledge of ISO 9001 Certification.

Considering the economic crisis situation AAS is providing ISO 9001 Certification services to the SME organizations in Bangladesh at the lowest cost ever. The most attractive offer from AAS is one year validity ISO 9001 Certificate. Which SME is not able to spend 1500 dollars at a time but he can spend 500 dollars easily. So just by spending 500 dollars an SME organization can adopt ISO 91001 Certificate from AAS.

The another problem for adopting ISO 9001 Certificate is ISO training. Without ISO training you no company can adopt or implement ISO standard in his organization. For training usually a company has to pay around 500-1000 dollars. It is also a pain for SME organization. To reduce this pain AAS provides free ISO Training to its prospects.


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