ISO Certification Cost

ISO Certification Cost in Bangladesh

ISO Certification cost is divided into two parts:


Before certification audit by Certification Body it is important to prepare ISO documents like: CERTIFICATION SCOPE, POLICY, OBJECTIVES AND PLANNING, PROCEDURE, WORK FLOW, SOP, KEEPPING SOME MANDATORY RECORDS like Quality checking record of the product or services you provide, Internal audit record, NC(Nonconformity Record) CA plan Record etc. When all the required documents are established and records are there then you should do internal audit. After internal audit it is mandatory to conduct management review meetings. An ISO Consultant can help you to do all these things. To accomplish this part of iso certification, the cost starts form 50 thousand to 5 lac Taka based on company radius but this iso documentation cost may vary depends on ISO standard, company status, radius, location etc.


After establishing implementing maintaining of all required documents and records it is necessary to Certification audit. Certification is done by third party Certification Body. They perform audits before issue certification. For three years valid certification the CB performs Stage1 and sage2 audit. then another two yearly audits(Surveillance Audit) are performed by CB. Usually the cost is 1-3 lac for audits within three years. However, ISO certification cost may different considering company’s location, number of sites, auditor’s availability etc.

9001 Special Offer

ISO 9001 Certification Special Offer

From this page special price is offered for our valued prospects who have communicated with us for ISO 9001 Certification. Time to time we offer special discount rate for Quality Management System Certification.

Bangladesh is a developing country. It is trying to be industrialized. Without industrialization no nation can be self sufficient and developed. To increase export it is necessary to develop the management system of an organization. Very often it is seen due to lack of money many organizations cannot adopt ISO Certificate due to excessive cost of Certification Bodies in Bangladesh.

From the beginning few certification bodies are taking huge money from different types of organization in Bangladesh. Due to uncontrolled  situation  of Bangladesh Government on foreign CBs it is happening. As a result only well established or big size companies are able to get iso certified. On the other-hand small medium size organizations are unable to get quality management systems certificate.

Considering the SME organization’s circumstances we have decided to give opportunity to our small and medium size organizations in Bangladesh to develop their quality by adopting iso 9001 standard. Sometimes we offer special discount rate to our valuable prospects who have communicated with us about iso 9001 certification.

This page is only for them who are SME business organization and who are struggling to develop their processes into international standard and who want to develop their quality by proper implementation of  ISO guideline.

 2017 Year Ending offer is going on

Year end offer is going on now. It will continue until 30 Nov 2017. 

Employee UPTO 10= 50,000 Taka 

Employee UPTO 25= 100,000 Taka


To know terms and condition please call- 01856688998

ISO Certification Registration Fee

ISO Certification Registration Fee Post will give you idea about how much money is need to get iso certificate in Bangladesh.

Normal price is 3-5 thousand US Dollar. However this price is not constant. Total employees, Audit man-days, number of sites, geographical location, auditors’ availability, Production process, Number of Surveillance audits within three years etc are few major things which influence on ISO Certification cost.

What is the ISO ISO Registration Fee in Bangladesh?

The ISO cost varies on certification body’s status. Some oldest certification bodies in Bangladesh take the high money because of their brand. They are well known to the public. They have been working here for long time though there is no special value for their certificate.

How Can You Save Money?

If you are cost savvy and SME organization then there is a technique to get iso certified within short budget. That is  knowledge or information. You have to study a little. I mean you will have to know about certification body or certification company.

Be Smart:

Do not just follow the blind followers. I mean study, think and take decision. Is there any special value to get certificate from traditional ISO Certification Body? Ask yourself first what is your buyers or customers requirements? Do they say to get certificate from the specific certification body? If not why you will go to a certification body who takes the high money?

What is Buyers Requirements?

Usually buyers or party’s requirement is very simple. They want only certificate. They know world wide all standards come from same place and that is Geneva. But certificates are not issued by Geneva based organization ISO. Certificates are issued by certification bodies from different countries like UK, Germany, USA, Spain, Italy, France etc. Most of them have agent in Bangladesh.

What Certificate is Internationally Accepted?

There are two types of certificates one is accredited and another is non-accredited. Usually non-accredited certificate cost is less than accredited certificate. But non accredited certificate is not accepted worldwide. If you have international or export business then you should take accredited certificate. 

Who Provides Non-Accredited Certificate?

Some Indian certification bodies  offer low cost certification in Bangladesh which are non-accredited. Those are not accepted worldwide. So, be careful about taking certification from them.

Who Provides Accredited Certificate?

Few UK based certification bodies who are providing certificate in Bangladesh from the beginning of certification journey in Bangladesh. They are good but the  problem is they are also engaged in other business. They have rented highly decorated building. So, their fee is higher than others.

Who Provide Low Cost UK based Accredited Certificate?

You should find that one who are UK based and provides accredited certificate at the lowest price. Considering those three things BAS can be your best choice. BAS’s iso certification registration fee is the lowest considering with other iso company.

Final Decision

Are you tired to find the right certification body? Do’t be frustrated.  You have known about pros and cons of certification cost. Now it is your time to take action. Simply click the below button.

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