ISO Certification Cost in Bangladesh

ISO Certification cost is divided into two parts:


Before certification audit by Certification Body it is important to prepare ISO documents like: CERTIFICATION SCOPE, POLICY, OBJECTIVES AND PLANNING, PROCEDURE, WORK FLOW, SOP, KEEPPING SOME MANDATORY RECORDS like Quality checking record of the product or services you provide, Internal audit record, NC(Nonconformity Record) CA plan Record etc. When all the required documents are established and records are there then you should do internal audit. After internal audit it is mandatory to conduct management review meetings. An ISO Consultant can help you to do all these things. To accomplish this part of iso certification, the cost starts form 50 thousand to 5 lac Taka based on company radius but this iso documentation cost may vary depends on ISO standard, company status, radius, location etc.


After establishing implementing maintaining of all required documents and records it is necessary to Certification audit. Certification is done by third party Certification Body. They perform audits before issue certification. For three years valid certification the CB performs Stage1 and sage2 audit. then another two yearly audits(Surveillance Audit) are performed by CB. Usually the cost is 1-3 lac for audits within three years. However, ISO certification cost may different considering company’s location, number of sites, auditor’s availability etc.