How to ISO Certification in BD

how to iso certification

BETS Consulting Services is receiving ISO Certificate from Advanced Assessment Services in Dhaka

How to ISO Certification for Your Organization?

How to iso certification is very common question to many of you who are looking for ISO Certificate. Following few steps will help you to get answer of your question How to ISO Certification.

  • Select Standard: There are more than 19500 standards. So, select the standard and standard version actually which one and which version is appropriate for you? You can select iso standard
  • Select Certification Body: Who provides ISO Certificates is called ISO Certification Body. So, it is your first job to find a iso company who provides ISO certificate in your region.
  • Negotiate Certification Cost: It is your second job to talk about the cost of ISO Certification. There is no fixed and common price for ISO Certification. Different ISO company takes different fee. So, you should choose someone who take small money.
  • Negotiate ISO training Fee: ISO training is must for ISO Certification. It is most important to let your staffs know the standard. If they do not know the standard how will they implement it in their work? Some company provide ISO training some do not. So , ensure this issue during the contract making time.
  • Discus Documentation: Before certification you need some ISO documents. Documents means your  instructions how will you implement ISO requirements in your organization. Usually an ISO consultant do this job. However, you can get reference from ISO Certification Body to get an ISO Consultant.
  • Certification Time: Some certification Body take several months to issue certificate. Some take short time, Several weeks only. So, finalize this issue how long will it take to get ISO Certificate?
  • Confirm Issuing Country: Certificates are issued in different countries. Usually issued certificate from the UK is more valuable and it is acceptable worldwide. So, before making contract where from the certificate will come?
  • Discuss about Accreditation: Accredited certificates are accepted worldwide. So, confirm with your certification body that they will provide your accredited ISO Certificate.

If you can ensure about the above 8 things clearly then it will easier for you to get certificate. Hope this post How to ISO Certification helped you a lot to get the answer of your question. If you need to know  more about ISO Certification process then please visit our ISO office.

9001 Special Offer

ISO 9001 Certification Special Offer

From this page special price is offered for our valued prospects who have communicated with us for ISO 9001 Certification. Time to time we offer special discount rate for Quality Management System Certification.

Bangladesh is a developing country. It is trying to be industrialized. Without industrialization no nation can be self sufficient and developed. To increase export it is necessary to develop the management system of an organization. Very often it is seen due to lack of money many organizations cannot adopt ISO Certificate due to excessive cost of Certification Bodies in Bangladesh.

From the beginning few certification bodies are taking huge money from different types of organization in Bangladesh. Due to uncontrolled  situation  of Bangladesh Government on foreign CBs it is happening. As a result only well established or big size companies are able to get iso certified. On the other-hand small medium size organizations are unable to get quality management systems certificate.

Considering the SME organization’s circumstances we have decided to give opportunity to our small and medium size organizations in Bangladesh to develop their quality by adopting iso 9001 standard. Sometimes we offer special discount rate to our valuable prospects who have communicated with us about iso 9001 certification.

This page is only for them who are SME business organization and who are struggling to develop their processes into international standard and who want to develop their quality by proper implementation of  ISO guideline.

 2017 Year Ending offer is going on

Year end offer is going on now. It will continue until 30 Nov 2017. 

Employee UPTO 10= 50,000 Taka 

Employee UPTO 25= 100,000 Taka


To know terms and condition please call- 01856688998