How to get benefit from ISO 9001

How to get benefits from quality management system standard 9001

Benefits of ISO 9001 Standard is lot. But due to lack of knowledge on implementation process many organizations are staying back from getting benefits of ISO 9001:2015. There is many development scope of this standard just few of them described in below:

Job Description: It is one of the most important documents among others for employees. But many organizations do not maintain it. Though some organizations tell it to the employees during appontment time but later most companies do not share the copy of JD. Not only sharing but it should be reviewed time to time for extra responsibility for the staff. if you can prepare an excellent JD then unnecessay situation can be mitigated between the top management and staffs.

Internal Audit: It is one of the most important job for ISO Certification and ISO certified clients to do Internal Audit(I.A). But many organizations do not do it properly. If it is done properly then the company will be benefited from ISO 9001 Standard.

MRM(Management Review Meeting): It is also mandatory requirement for ISO Certification and certified companies to perform MRM after IA. But many organiztions do not do it properly.

NCR(Non Conforming Record): Many organizations do not maintain this important record properly. This record can help an organization to make new plans for business development.

CA(Corrective Action ) Plan:To achieve continual development CA plan is very effective tool for ISO Certified company. But many organizations do not take it properly. So, they are facing same problem again and again.

There are many other options in the Standard of ISO 9001:2015 which can help an organization to develop the processes of an organization.

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Quality Management System

Quality Management System

quality management system standard

quality management system

Quality Management System is also known as ISO 9001 Standard. This post will help you to know about quality management system or qms system. In many places sometimes it is written in the tender notice about quality management system certificate.

If you are a new about the phrase qms standard, then it may appear difficult to you. After reading this  post it will be helpful for you about the concept of the quality management system standard.

In the language of ISO the quality management system standard is known as ISO 9001 Standard. It is also known as the king of other standard. It is also known as basic standard. frame-work of quality idea is found from this standard.

Most of the buyers now give requirement for many suppliers and exporters to have an ISO 9001 Standard. without this standard you cannot work with those buyers. Why it is so important? Why the buyers and importers say his suppliers to having  an qms certificate?

Quality management system standard is a standard which can be implemented in any kind of organization. So, it is most discussed and popular standard. Among others it is used by various types of organization including quality management system for construction, pharmaceutical quality management system, quality standard for school, college & university.

Until now ISO has disclosed more than 19600 standards. Among them more than 1.2 million organizations have been using this ISO 9001 quality management system standard around the world. Gradually this number is increasing.

There are many good guidelines in this most popular ISO standard. Setting your business policy, documents control, train your staffs for creating competency and awareness, providing resource for smoothly running your system, Inhouse production checking system, faulty product determination guideline and steps to removing  those causes of rejection are among few good things about qms standard.

For successful consistency in the business it is an important task for you as a company owner or company chief monitoring the activities of your company. In this regard your participation is very much important as a company head.  ISO9001 has excellent tool to see the growth of your firm. So, Internal audit and managment review meetings are two mandatory things for and before qms certification.

Benefits of implementation of quality management system are a lot. You can see some benefits of quality managment system from below:

Benefits of quality Management Systems:

  • It saves cost in production/services
  • Better internal management
  • Less wastage in production
  • Increase efficiency, productivity and profit
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Consistent outcomes, measured and monitored
  • Increases revenue
  • Increases staff’s honesty and skill
  • qms helps to participate in tender
  • Helps to extend international market
  • It urges for continual development

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