What is ISO Audit Report and It’s Benefit

ISO Audit is an important part of companies. From this report you can know what the deviations inside your company. From this ISO audit report you can know how the company is practicing iso standard in the processes of a company.

Though many organizations are becoming ISO Certified, most of those companies do not show importance in the iso audit report. If they take this audit report seriously, then this can be helpful for the company’s process and system development.

During the audit many findings come out. These findings can be classified into Major NC, Minor NC, Observations, OFI etc. Usually, CA Plans should be submitted on those NCs. If CA plans are taken properly against those NCs then recurrence of those problems will not happen again. So, practicing CA Plans is an effective tool for system development inside the organization.

Many government agents are looking for ISO-certified organizations before selecting their vendors as their products or service providers. They usually ask for ISO Certificate but most of them do not ask for ISO audit report. If they ask for audit report along with ISO certificate, then these suppliers or vendors may be attentive to the audit report.

 Not only the audit report if the government offices ask for submit CA plans along with an ISO audit report, then it can be helpful for an ISO Certified company to implement ISO standard guidelines properly inside organization. This term will force the suppliers to practice standards properly. In the long run the government agents will benefit and they will  get good services or products from those vendors.

So, adding the value of ISO certificates and getting the benefits of ISO certificates respective government offices should add a term in the tenders for vendors that iso audit report is also requirement for submitting their proposal against the tender. Then these suppliers will come in the line and then they will focus on implementing ISO standard guidelines in the organizations.

When the suppliers give attention on ISO audit report, then it will be able to supply quality products or services to the tenderers. They will also know how to be focused on meeting customer requirements. It will bring good business practice in the organization. Finally, both the buyers and suppliers will be benefited 

Benefits of ISO


How can I be benefited from ISO this is very common question to new prospects. Actually there are many BENEFITS OF ISO.  ISO Standard is a worldwide used standard. ISO is a non profit organization. It is consisted by the members of different countries around the world. It thinks about the world. The main objective of this International Organization is protect the consumers right. Present the good and quality products to the consumers worldwide. So, we all citizens around the world are benefited from ISO. We all are grateful to this great organization ISO.

We know ISO introduces the standard for the organization and for the people. It’s aim is great. But sometimes it is heard that there is no value of ISO. It is used for only publicity. Yes it may be right. When I go to my new clients some of the prospects express their opinion such way. But I will say that their opinion is wrong. I will discuss how ISO can help those organization who have fallen in wrong ideas.

First of all think about the Geneva based organization ISO. ISO is a nonprofit organization where talents are working around the world. ISO Standard is the output of thinking of the world’s speculators. After a long study and hard work they introduce a standard. So, it can not be a garbage or valueless thing. Just as a lack of our knowledge we call it valueless thing.

From Management system standards (9001,14001,2200,1800,27001) how can you be benefited? According to the QMS management system standard (9001) requirements all responsibilities will be defined for all employees in an organization. From MD to Peon. Who will does what etc.

During the ISO audit time responsible person will be interviewed and asked for his activities. If any Nonconforming product or service is found, it will be recorded in the audit report. The responsible person will be instructed to correct those nonconforming product or service and is warned not to recurring that wrong things again. So, ethically and logically he becomes more sincere to doing his duty. Therefore it is increasing your company staff’s skill and efficiency. That means it will increase your companies output and revenue.

ISO always emphasizes to care about customer feedback. Full filling customer requirements is one of the major requirements of QMS System standard of ISO 9001. An iso auditor always checks how you are dealing with your customers. ISO Auditor can suggest you to improve your customer relationship by feeling up their requirements and enhancing customer satisfaction in different ways.

Profit from ISO 9001 Certification will come when your customers will be satisfied on your products or services. So, customer satisfaction is one of the  leading key points of iso audit. Customer feedback are seen very carefully.  If your customer is satisfied your business will sustain for long time. It means your revenue stream will be continued. So, customer satisfaction is a great iso-benefits among others. It is helping you to consistence of your business.

If you are a company owner and due to excessive busyness you cannot communicate with your staffs then this ISO audit report specially SR audit report can be your good friend. From this report you can see what is happening throughout the organization. From this report and participating in MRM (Management Review Meeting) you can deliver your instruction to your management staffs if anything is required for your business development. It ensures your engagement for your company’s development. It is the major benefits of ISO.

Benefits of ISO 9001 is understood around the world by different kinds of organization. Hundreds of thousands of companies know profit from ISO 9001 Certification. So more than one and  half millions of companies around the world are ISO 9001 certified. Gradually this number is growing.

Very often it is heard from some of our clients that there is no significant impact of ISO 9001 certification. This is not right. Probably they are not aware about the ISO Standard and they have not received proper ISO training from an ISO expert. But those who have received proper training and  implemented this  QMS standard in their organization correctly they are  benefited from this standard a lot.  So, proper training is necessary to realize the benefits of ISO Standard.

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