What is ISO Audit Report and It’s Benefit

ISO Audit is an important part of companies. From this report you can know what the deviations inside your company. From this ISO audit report you can know how the company is practicing iso standard in the processes of a company.

Though many organizations are becoming ISO Certified, most of those companies do not show importance in the iso audit report. If they take this audit report seriously, then this can be helpful for the company’s process and system development.

During the audit many findings come out. These findings can be classified into Major NC, Minor NC, Observations, OFI etc. Usually, CA Plans should be submitted on those NCs. If CA plans are taken properly against those NCs then recurrence of those problems will not happen again. So, practicing CA Plans is an effective tool for system development inside the organization.

Many government agents are looking for ISO-certified organizations before selecting their vendors as their products or service providers. They usually ask for ISO Certificate but most of them do not ask for ISO audit report. If they ask for audit report along with ISO certificate, then these suppliers or vendors may be attentive to the audit report.

 Not only the audit report if the government offices ask for submit CA plans along with an ISO audit report, then it can be helpful for an ISO Certified company to implement ISO standard guidelines properly inside organization. This term will force the suppliers to practice standards properly. In the long run the government agents will benefit and they will  get good services or products from those vendors.

So, adding the value of ISO certificates and getting the benefits of ISO certificates respective government offices should add a term in the tenders for vendors that iso audit report is also requirement for submitting their proposal against the tender. Then these suppliers will come in the line and then they will focus on implementing ISO standard guidelines in the organizations.

When the suppliers give attention on ISO audit report, then it will be able to supply quality products or services to the tenderers. They will also know how to be focused on meeting customer requirements. It will bring good business practice in the organization. Finally, both the buyers and suppliers will be benefited