CA Plan

ISO training  for a construction company at Ruppur Power Plant

CA Plan is one of the most important topics for ISO Certification and ISO Certified company. The details of CA Plan is Corrective Action Plan. Shortly it is called CA Plan.

After performing internal audit if any NC (Nonconformity) is raised then CA plan is taken. CA Plan helps to stop recurrence of any problem in the process.

In the clause no 10.2 of ISO 9001:2015 standard it is written about CA. Practicing of CA plan is mandatory for ISO certification and ISO certified company.

One of the most important principles of ISO 9001 standard is Continual Development. Real application of this principle can be done by taking CA Plan.

It is a matter of frustration that most of the companies do not take CA Plan properly. They do not understand the importance of CA Plan. So, they cannot take taste of ISO Certification. If it is taken properly then a company can be benefited properly from the ISO Certification.

Sometimes we insult others rather than the real responsible person/term. CA plan helps to find the root cause of any problem effectively. When the root cause is found then correction of that NC can be done effectively.

Three things are done when a NC is raised. Correction, Corrective Action and Preventive Action. All the three terms are applied in a CA plan.

Correction helps to take instant solution, Corrective Action helps to find root cause and resist to recurrence of the issue and preventive action helps to take care other issues which may be raised in other processes.

ISO Training can help you to understand the CA plan. During the training session it is discussed about Corrective Action. So, it is trainer’s responsibility to teach the topic very importantly. At the same time as a company  if you want to get benefit from ISO Certification then you should learn carefully what is CA Plan and how to practice this term in your company.

One of the major problems is that many companies do not like to take training before ISO Certification. Shortcut they want to take ISO Certificate. If they do not take ISO training they stay far from the real guidelines of ISO standard. So, the company management should take ISO training before ISO Certification.

Advanced Assessment Services (AAS) may be your right choice to take ISO certification and training. They offer ISO Certification and ISO Training in a package price. So, it will help you to save money  from hiring an ISO consultant. Without ISO training AAS does not provide ISO Certificate. All the important topics of the standard including CA Plan can be learnt from AAS ISO training session.