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How to get benefit from ISO 9001

How to get benefits from quality management system standard 9001

Benefits of ISO 9001 Standard is lot. But due to lack of knowledge on implementation process many organizations are staying back from getting benefits of ISO 9001:2015. There is many development scope of this standard just few of them described in below:

Job Description: It is one of the most important documents among others for employees. But many organizations do not maintain it. Though some organizations tell it to the employees during appontment time but later most companies do not share the copy of JD. Not only sharing but it should be reviewed time to time for extra responsibility for the staff. if you can prepare an excellent JD then unnecessay situation can be mitigated between the top management and staffs.

Internal Audit: It is one of the most important job for ISO Certification and ISO certified clients to do Internal Audit(I.A). But many organizations do not do it properly. If it is done properly then the company will be benefited from ISO 9001 Standard.

MRM(Management Review Meeting): It is also mandatory requirement for ISO Certification and certified companies to perform MRM after IA. But many organiztions do not do it properly.

NCR(Non Conforming Record): Many organizations do not maintain this important record properly. This record can help an organization to make new plans for business development.

CA(Corrective Action ) Plan:To achieve continual development CA plan is very effective tool for ISO Certified company. But many organizations do not take it properly. So, they are facing same problem again and again.

There are many other options in the Standard of ISO 9001:2015 which can help an organization to develop the processes of an organization.

AAS has well known and experienced ISO 9001 Consultants who are providing implementation guidelines of ISO 9001 to the organizations and the companies are getting benefits from ISO 9001. There is no alternative to hire an ISO Consultant to get good results and good benefits of ISO 9001. To get a good ISO Consultant you may call at 01742125232

How to Get ISO 9001 Certification in Bangladesh

How to get ISO 9001 certification in Bangladesh post will help you to know the certification steps in Bangladesh. Following five steps are followed to get ISO 9001 Certification:

ISO 9001 Certification Body Selection: Certification body(CB) is the company who provides iso certificate after audit. From Google or yahoo search engine you can find any certification body in Bangladesh.

ISO 9001 Certification Cost: Different Different Certification Body takes different certification fees. Based on your activities, process, location, employee number, ISO documentation status the certification cost varies. So, discuss and negotiate the cost with your CB first before make any contract.

CALL 017 42 12 52 32 FOR ISO 9001 CERTIFICATION

ISO 9001 Documentation: It is mandatory part for ISO 9001 CERTIFICATION IN BANGLADESH. Many Certification Bodies provide training and during training session they say what are the required documents for ISO 9001 certification in Bangladesh. These documents can be prepared by yourself or by hiring a consultant.

Perform Internal Audit: Internal audit is mandatory before ISO 9001 certification in Bangladesh and after iso qms certification. It is done by the client. During training session you can learn how to do Internal audit. So, you can do it by yourself. If you think you have no enough staff then you hire an ISO 9001 consultant.

Stage1 and Stage2 Audit: It is the last stage of certification process. When the above 4 things are done then this stage1 and stage2 audits are performed by ISO 9001 certification body(CB). After completion this stage you can achieve ISO 9001 certification in Bangladesh within 7-10 days.


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Who Needs ISO 9001 Certification

ISO  9001 Standard is a quality management system standard. Any kind of organization can adopt this international standard to develop company’s processes for demonstrating his ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and...

ISO 9001 Certification in Bangladesh

Details about ISO 9001 2015 Certification in Bangladesh

ISO 9001 Certification in Bangladesh

Over 1.5 million company around the world have obtained ISO 9001 Certification around the world and around 2000 company in Bangladesh. Now it is your turn to get ISO 9001 Certified in Bangladesh.

What is iso 9001 certification?

ISO 9001 Certification means adapting quality management system standard in your company processes. Establish PDCA cycle in your organization to ensure getting customer satisfaction for consistency of your business in the long run.

How iso 9001 Certification help a company?

ISO 9001 2015 Certification helps to do develop processes of any company. A process means various stages of your production or service you provide to your customers. Usually output of any section become input of other section.

How to iso certification in Bangladesh?

To get iaf, non iaf, ukas, nonukas and accredited certificate in Bangladesh please contact with AAS.

Procedure for iso 9001 certification in Bangladesh

There is six easy steps to ISO Certification in Bangladesh: Sign contract form+ Take training on iso standard and prepare iso documents+ Implement standard requirement + Do internal audit+ Attend Certification Body audit+ Get ISO Certificate.

How to apply for iso 9001 certification in Bangladesh?

Same six stages as above.

Who needs ISO 9001 Certification in Bangladesh?

ISO 9001 standard certification in Bangladesh is applicable to any kind of organization including all manufacturing industries and service based organization. This quality standard ensures that you are able to provide quality products or service to your customers.

Quality Management System Standard certification is applicable to big or small organization for the same target. For small organization it can be used for development of the processes. For big company if processes are already developed then this quality standard ISO 9001 can helps to enhance customer satisfaction.

Mandatory jobs for ISO Certification

ISO 9001 Certification focuses on continuous improvement. This can be achieved by doing internal audit and attending in Certification body audit on regular basis. This two jobs are mandatory for iso 9001 certification company.

We provide certificate to all sizes and all sectors based company in Bangladesh. We provide the support you need for successful ISO 9001 certification in Bangladesh. Bank, group of company, engineering construction firm, Hospital, Diagnostic Center, school, college, universities, Exporters, distributor, contractor etc are popular category based organizations in Bangladesh who already implemented ISO 9001 Standard in their organization.

Stages of ISO 9001 certification in Bangladesh

Our ISO 9001 auditors can guide you through the process for certification of your quality management system, following these steps:

1.Gap analysis audit
2.Certification audit/Stage1 and Stage2 Audit: documentation review and practical application assessment
3.Issue of certification and entry into the online certification database
4.Annual surveillance audit
5.Re-certification within three years

ISO 9001 Certification Cost in Bangladesh

Cost is the major obstacle for spreading ISO 9001 Certification in Bangladesh. Considering the SME organization’s limited budget we are first in Bangladesh have introduced iso 9001 certification for one year. So, just for 60 thousand taka you may achieve ISO Certificate in Bangladesh. For three years iso 9001 2015 certification cost you may visit this link:

Why Choose AAS for ISO Certification in Bangladesh?

Low cost+ Free training & documentation+ Certificate in the shortest time

Maintain ISO 9001 Certification in Bangladesh

Do two times internal audit in a year+ Attend surveillance audit+ Take CA plan or action plan on audit findings

ISO 9001 Meaning

ISO 9001 Certification Meaning. What does it mean ISO 9001 Certification? ISO 9001 Certification meaning post will help you to know what is iso 9001  Certification and how to achieve this quality management system standard? What is ISO 9001 Meaning? ISO 9001 is a...