8 Principles of ISO 9001

There are  8 principles of ISO 9001. This post will help you to know those principles.

ISO 9001 is the most popular Standard among other standards. Untill now more than 19600 standards is published. No standard is as popular as ISO 9001. The standard is based on 8 principles which are mentioned in below:

  • Customer Focus: Customer is the heart of any business. Without customer no business can exist. So, the main target of ISO 9001 is make satisfy your customer. Customer satisfaction guideline is found in this standard.
  • Leadership: Setting objective is the main option of any business. Employee engagement is important to achieve that objective. Real leadership can help to motivate your employees which is helpful to fulfill your objective.
  • Involvement of Peoples: Without employees a company cannot be run. If all employees do his duty properly then the goal of the company can be achieved. So, people’s involvement is very important in this QMS Standard.
  • Process Approach: A process is a combination of related activities to achieve a particular purpose. To apply a process approach idea you need  plan to provide a service or product. According to that plan you will have to work out what processes you need to provide that service or product. Preparing a menu is an example of process approach idea.
  • System Approach to management: Identifying, understanding and managing a system of interrelated processes for a given objective improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.
  • Continual Improvement: It is one of the most important things of ISO 9001. Doing wrong is human being’s nature. But taking corrective action it can be removed and it will not happen again. This way continual achievement is possible.
  • Factual Approach to Decision Making: Use data or information before making any decision. It is not wise take decision on feeling or opinion. First plan what data you need, then collect it, review it and at last take decision.
  • Mutually beneficial Supplier Relationship: An organization is dependent on its supplier/suppliers. ISO 9001 Standard emphasis to develop supplier relationship. For existence in the business it is very much important.

If you understand the 8 principles of iso 9001 then it will easier for you to know this popular standard well.