Buy ISO 9001:2015

How to Buy ISO:2015 Standard

Buy ISO 9001 post will help you to buy ISO 9001:2015 version from the ISO authorised site bsi shop. BSI shop is the only authorised online shop to buy iso standard from online. You can instantly download the standard from online.

There are many significant changes in iso 9001 of 2015 version. Among others the following changes are the major changes.

  • Risk based thinking
  • No complexity of documentation
  • No MR
  • No quality Manual
  • New term Interested parties
  • Seven Principles instead of eight
  • Emphasis again on process approach
  • Service has been included along with product
  • Context of the organization
  • Knowledge is a resource

Quality Management System is the pre condition of gaining customer confidence about your product or services. ISO 9001 standard is the attestation of that confidence. It is the only and most popular ISO standard throughout the world to manage all things of your organization.

9001 2015 has now 10 clauses. In previous version there was 8 clauses. First three clauses are as same as previous version of iso9001. Another all titles have been changed. To know more Buy ISO 9001:2015 

If you are interested and serious about convert 2008  to  2015 then the first job is study the standard. You should throughly read the full standard. To buy ISO 9001:2015 go the ISO approved Online Shop, to buy  iso 9001:2015.