ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001 Certification

iso 14001

ISO 14001 certification for environment

ISO 14001 is environmental management system standard. It is a very effective tool to minimize environmental impacts from the aspects of a factory. Nowadays environment is in great risk. To save our environment this standard can help a company to minimize the environmental damages from various aspects.

Main ingredients of environment are land, air, sound, water, tress, animal, people etc. These major things are badly affected by the factories, power plants, vehicles and others.

Most of the factories do not care about the impacts from their aspects. Though there is local environmental rules and regulations but most of them are not applied  properly in a factory. They are not also checked by the regulatory body sincerely. So, environment pollution is not protected well by local environment laws. Specially in developing countries it is neglected badly. In this case international organization for standardization (ISO) are contributing a lot by publishing the ISO 14001 standard.

Without proper implementation you cannot achieve ISO 14001 Certificate.  Before obtaining this iso 14001 Certification you need to establish documents  and implement all requirements of ISO 14001 :2015 throughout the organization. Then it is mandatory to attend in external audit. You will have to perform internal audit too regularly before and after certification body audit.

Even after obtaining certification you will have to attend in Surveillance audit regularly. Usually once in a year. During the audit NC, Observations and OFI may raised. Against any findings you will have to take corrective action which is mandatory. So, adopting ISO 14001 certification means you are committed to follow the EMS guidelines. If you do not follow those guidelines your certificate may be suspended.

So, adopting ISO 14001 certification is more effective rather than local environmental laws. It does not mean you will not take environment license from the local authority. Legal all certifications are mandatory to run an organization. Not only that during CB audit those legal things are checked by the 14001 auditor.

So, adopting local and international environmental standard  14001 standard can help to save our environment. In this regard both the government, industry owners, stake holders, donors, importers, international agencies,multinational corporations all can contribute to save our environment. ISO 14001 auditors have a great contribution too for proper implementation of EMS standard. Because they works directly with the organization.

Temperature of the environment is  growing unexpectedly. In summer season it is very tough to stay outside. So, life is becoming more stressful and harder for common people who work in the open place. In this regard government, industrially developed countries and international agencies should come ahead to reduce temperature of the environment.

ISO 14001 can guide you how to reduce carbon emission level in the air, water pollution, power consumption control, minimization of sound pollution and air pollution etc.

Like other management system standards it has 10 clauses. Those are:  Scope, Normative References, Terms and Definitions, Context of the organization, Leadership, Planning, Support, Operation, Performance Evaluation and Improvement. To read more you may visit this page.

If you are looking for ISO 14001 Certification for your organization then AAS can be your trusted partner to implement ISO 14001 guidelines in your organization. AAS has expert ISO 14001 auditors and consultants in Bangladesh. To adopt ISO 14001 standard in your factory or organization you may contact here

ISO 14001 Certification in Bangladesh

ISO 14001 Certification in Bangladesh is a helpful post for them who are thinking to achieve ISO 14001 Certificate. It  has a growing demand among the various industries in Bangladesh.

Different kinds of organizations including plastic, chemicals, garments, textiles, tannery, pharmaceuticals, chemical, power generation and others can adopt this standard. Who are serious about the environment and saving their power and interested to  do waste management it is the right standard for them.


What is ISO 14001 Standard?

ISO 14001 is the standard for environmental management system. Around the world more than 223, 500 companies are ISO 14001 Certified. It is in second position for popularity among other ISO standards. Gradually peoples are engaging with this standard. Now our environment is in great risk. So, it is proper time for those industries who are affecting our environment from their production process in various industrial sectors.

ISO 14001 Standard shows the framework for companies who are interested to obtain environmental management system certificate in Bangladesh.This is the  second most popular  ISO standard. It can be adopted by any kinds of organization regardless of its activity or sector. ISO 14001 certified means it ensures that environmental impact of the company is being measured and improved continuously.


Major benefits of EMS Certificate:

  1. ISO 14001 reduces cost of waste management
  2. It helps to save energy.
  3. It helps to participate in the tender
  4. It increases engagement of employees
  5. Less distribution cost
  6. This standard demonstrates the improvement of environment
  7. It can increase company’s image among regulators, customers and the public
  8. It can reduce insurance costs

How to get EMS Certificate?

The certification process is like ISO 9001 Certification. You have to prepare some ems documents including ems policy, manual, procedures, setting aspect and impact, doing internal audit, management review meeting etc. In this regard an EMS Consultant can help you to prepare those documents. The best way is collect the standard 14001 and read it yourself what the guideline is and then you can also try to prepare those required documents by yourself.

It is not difficult to get ISO 14001 Certification in Bangladesh. When you are ready and the implementation process is ongoing condition then EMS audit or third party certification audit can be performed. If there is no Nonconformity then you will be selected to obtain EMS certificate. However if there is any issue or nonconformity then corrective action will be required. When your corrective action will be accepted then EMS or ISO 14001 Certificate will be issued for you.

How to select 14001 Certification Body?

There are few certification bodies in Bangladesh who provides ISO 14001 Certificate in Bangladesh. Like others we provide accredited ISO 14001 Certificate. We are the authorized agent to conduct EMS audit for obtaining EMS or ISO 14001 certification in Bangladesh. We have qualified and experienced auditors who have long time working experience in this Standard. Our price is also cheaper than other EMS certificate providing CB in Bangladesh. TO get quotation you may contact this page.