Quality Managment System according to ISO Standard

What does it mean a quality management system? Quality management system is a system for management to manage his or their organizations efficiently where customers of that companies are satisfied. Usually all management or share holders have their own quality to manage their organization. But there may be some discrimitation in their sustem. That’s why International organization for Standardization (ISO) has been published a standard for company and it is ISO 9001. First it was published in 1987. Since then it has been revised 5 times and until now the latest quality management system standard is ISO 9001:2015

Now it is demand of time. Worlwide this QMS standard has achieved appreciation from multinational organizations and various group of companies around the world. If any organization implement this qms standard in a organization then he can claims that his company is world class standard. His company is running following an International standard.

WHY QMS is IMPORTANT: To do international business or working with international or multinational organization now it is required. Foreign organizations from developed countries like USA and EU who imports product or service from developing countries they impose an condtion and that is his or their organizations should have ISO quality management system certificate. Because they think that if any organization implement ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard in his or their orgnaization then they are capable to do business with his or their foreign partners.

That’s why gradually the more and more organizations are becoming ISO 9001 standard certified. So, worldwide more than a million of organization now ISO 9001 Certified. It is not only for foreign business requirement but in developing countries like Bangladesh it is a term from various ministry that as a supplier or government contractor a company must have ISO Certificate on Management System. That’s why many supplier and contractors are becoming ISO 9001 Certified.

But obtaining ISO 9001 quality management system Certificate is a matter of extra cost for SME organization. Due to COVID-19 and Russia Ukrain War the economic recession is going on. Considering the financial problem AAS at first has been providing ISO Certificate for one year validity. The cost is bearable for SME, contractor or supplier and it is only 50,000 Taka. Each year you can renew your ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate just for Taka 50,000 only. Talk now with AAS from here