What is ISO Certification?

This post will help you to know about ISO Certification.

ISO Certification is very common keyword in the search engine for ISO Certificate seekers for their company or for the individual. That means it is searched by company and individual.

Company searches iso certification for developing their production or service processes on the other hand an individual searches to become an iso auditor to perform audit as their part time or full time job.

There are various types of iso certification and there are huge number of iso standards published by Geneva based international forum ISO. Various type of industries use those standards.

ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 22000 and 27001 are the most popular standards and most use iso standard right now. Among them ISO 9001 is in top position. Because it is not for any specific industry. It can be adapted by any kind, any size of company.

ISO 9001 is known as quality management system standard. Company adopt it to develop company management system.