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ISO Certification Company provides ISO Certificates. Usually this organization performs audits before ISO Certifications. Two audits are performed before ISO Certification. After successful completion of the stage one the stage2 is done. Usually the gap between the two audits is 7-30 days.

ISO Registrar: ISO Company is also known as ISO Registrar. Somebody call it iso certificate provider or iso certification company . From the beginning ISO registrars from abroad are working in Bangladesh. Still now domination of ISO foreign company is going on. Just design of their works have been changed. Before foreign auditors come to perform audit but now many local auditors have been created. So now local auditors are performing audits instead of foreign auditors.

Many ISO certification companies are working in Bangladesh. Lack of local certification company in Bangladesh excessive fees from BAB for accreditation CB from abroad are dominating the Bangladeshi ISO Certification market.

Most of the ISO certification companies are from UK, America, Australia, Dubai, India. Among them UK has monopoly market in this industry. A wide range of acceptance of UK certification body people like to adopt iso certificates from the UK based certification company in Bangladesh.

UK Certification bodies have local office in Bangladesh. Most of them are engaged in testing of products for Bangladeshi manufacturers. However, they also provide ISO certificate on various management system standards like iso 9001 2015, iso 14001 2015, iso 45001 2018 iso 27001 2022 etc.

AAS has been providing ISO certification in Bangladesh since 2012. This iso company provides both IAF and non IAF certificates. So, to get your ISO Certificates call now 01742125232