World Accreditation Day 2014

World Accreditation Day 2014

will be celebrated in 9th June 2014. Before going to discuss significance of this day let’s know first what is accreditation.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is the formal recognition of competence of Certification Bodies or Testing institutes. There are many certification bodies and testing institutes around the world who are doing their works following international standards. Accreditation Body checks how the certification bodies or testing institutes are doing their jobs by following the international standard.

Accreditation body may be government or non government organization. ANAB is the USA based UKAS is the UK based government owned organization and AIAC is the non government based accreditation body. Government and non-government all types of accreditation bodies follow international standard to do their jobs. For iso accreditation bodies they follow 17011 standard. The standards for accreditation and certification bodies and for organizations are published by ISO(Geneva based organization).

Accreditation by Accreditation Board means that evaluators: testing and calibration laboratories, inspection and certification bodies have been assessed against internationally recognized standards to demonstrate their competence, impartiality and performance capability.

There is no restriction about must have accreditation for certification bodies or testing institutes. However to create competence and skill of certification bodies it is nice if any certification body has accreditation. Accreditation means the certification body is bound to report their activities to Accreditation bodies. Though all of them are independent organizations. It increases the competence of Certification Body

Certification Bodies for companies certification are run by a standard is called 17021 standard, Certification bodies for professionals are run by a standard is called 17024. All of these standards are published by International non profit organization ISO.

What is World Accreditation Day?

World accreditation day 9th June is observed every year. International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) jointly work to celebrate world accreditation day to raise awareness of the importance of accreditation-related activities.

 First world accreditation day was observed in June 9th 2008 by IAF and ILAC.  Accreditation is an independent and authoritative attestation of the competence, impartiality and integrity of conformity assessment bodies (CABs) .  Different years different slogan was taken to celebrate world accreditation day.  DELIVERING TRUST was the slogan of first world accreditation day in 2008.

  • COMPETENCY was the slogan for second world accreditation day
  • GLOBAL ACCEPTANCE was the slogan for third world accreditation day
  • SUPPORTING THE NEEDS OF REGULATORS was the slogan for 4th world accreditation day
  • SAFE FOOD AND CLEAN DRINKING WATER was the slogan for 5th world accreditation day
  • FACILITATING WORLD TRADE was the slogan for 6th world accreditation day
  • ACCREDITATION: DELIVERING CONFIDENCE IN THE PROVISION OF ENERGY is the slogan for 7th world accreditation day in 2014.

The above slogans  of world accreditation days show that it emphasized on a certain topic on each year. It is  really a great step from IAF and ILAC. It is based on business orientation. To keep pace with world crisis and needs it sets it slogan.

What is World Accreditation day 2014?

The slogan of world accreditation of 2014 is ACCREDITATION: DELIVERING CONFIDENCE IN THE PROVISION OF ENERGY. World accreditation 2014 has chosen the right slogan to celebrate the day in 2014. Now the world has been facing energy problem. Specially developing countries like Bangladesh who are entering to industrialization circle are facing this problem very seriously.

Energy is the heart of industry. Without energy no industry can alive. Many things are related to this important thing. To keep pace with demand energy is produced. But at the same time it should be done safe way for its end users. This is accomplished in part by requiring accreditation of laboratories, inspection bodies and certification bodies.

To decrease pressure on traditional generation of electricity now tidal, solar, nuclear and wind energy are using extensively worldwide. Safety inspections are carried out on a range of energy-related installations, from coal-fired power stations to nuclear installations to wind farms.

 Energy companies should be certified to declare that their installation processes are safe and secured for its stake holders and consumers. Certification to 50001 can help those energy suppliers to improve energy related performance and guidelines to energy reduction facilities.

 Receiving accredited certificate from laboratories, inspection bodies and certification bodies ultimately provides assurance to consumers and business. Accredited Laboratories, inspection and certification bodies is the right place for energy producers to consistent in the right direction for producing energy and distribution of energy to the consumers. It creates confidence among the end users and energy based business organizations.

 It is expecetd worldwide in 90 countries this 2014 accreditation day will be celebrated with proper agencies, and national accreditation boards. It will create awarness about accreditation of energy sector for energy manufacturers.

 Like other certification bodies UK based certification body BAS provides quality management system accredited certificate for any kind and any size of organization in Bangladesh. The certification cost is much more cheaper than any other certification bodies.There are many solar companies in Bangladesh who can develop their production,distribution and marketing quality  to achieve more revenue from their energy project by adopting ISO Certificate from BAS at low cost.

  We hope more and more energy companies will come ahead to get accredited certificate from certfication bodies and testing institutes. If they do this the effort of celebration of world accreditation day 2014 will be successful.