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How to Get ISO Certification

How to get ISO certification post will help you to know the certification steps in Bangladesh. Following five steps are followed to get ISO Certification:

how to get iso certification
How to get ISO Certification

Select Certification Body: Certification body(CB) is the company who provides iso certificate. So, it is your first job finding a certification body. In this stage you will consider a well known CB and origin of that CB. Usually people like UK based Certification body in Bangladesh, though recently some other country based CB like Dubai, Australia and India are also working in Bangladesh.

Fix the Certification Cost: Different ISO Company take different fee for ISO certification. So, it is important issue what should be confirmed first. Usually Indian, Malaysian or China based CB take low fee but UK based CB takes higher fee for certification. Some take yearly fee some do not take yearly fee. Based on your activities, process, location, employee the certification cost varies. So, without knowing information of your company it is not possible to say the actual cost of certification.


Training and Documentation: Many Certification Bodies provide training and during training session they say what are the documents need before certification. These documents can be prepared by yourself or by hiring a consultant. For this service some Company take extra fee some do not.

Internal Audit: Internal audit is mandatory for ISO certification and after iso certification. It is done by the client. During training session you can learn how to do Internal audit. So, you can do it by yourself or by hiring a consultant.

Stage1 and Stage2 Audit: It is the last stage of certification process. When the above 4 things are done then this stage1 and stage2 audits are performed by certification body(CB). After completion this stage you can achieve certificate within 7-10 days.


The above mentioned 5 steps are common for all ISO standards certification method including 9001, 14001, 45001, 27001, 22000, 13485 etc. Sometimes calibration is necessary for those companies who use measurement devices in the manufacturing factory.

ISO 9001 Audit Checklist

ISO 9001 Audit checklist is free to use. Any company or organization can copy it to use in their own organization. It is prepared by Mr Leo. If necessary you can customize it according to your need. It is a sample 9001 audit check list.

ISO 9001 audit check list can be used for performing ISO 9001 internal audit. ISO Internal audit is one of the must doing things for your ISO 9001 Certified companies. It is also requirements for them who are thinking to achieve ISO Certificate.

If you think the above iso 9001 audit check list is helpful for you then do not hesitate to know it others. It is important documents  for ISO 9001 Certification. Finally do not hesitate to make comment on this post of ISO 9001 audit checklist

ISO Internal Auditor Training

We provide ISO Internal Auditor training on various iso standards like ISO 9001, ISO

14001, OHSAS, HACCP etc. To implement ISO requirements in your organization iso internal auditor training is very much important. Without this iso training your staff  cannot do internal audit which is must doing things for ISO Certification and ISO Certified companies.

In this training you will learn how to plan and schedule, audit. How to make audit team, how to write report after completion audit. After completion audit how to submit this internal audit report to the Management Review Meeting.(MRM) Input and output of MRM are also taught in thisl ISO Internal Auditor training

With this training basic idea on specific standard is also provided. How to prepare and preserve documents and how to control  record and other items can be learnt from this training.

We have expert ISO auditor who will teach you how to prepare ISO Check list before performing audit. For real implementation of ISO 9001 as well as other standard everything are included in this internal auditor training.

Our training fee is also attractive. We take very small amount for the training. Very often we arranges this training. So, contact here to know our latest training plan and schedule.

If you are corporate and you already achieved ISO Certificate but your staffs do not have this iso internal auditor training then we can provide special training on your request. In this case training can be arranged inside your premises.

Our fee varies on number of participants. Usually the fee is 50, 000 taka for 5-6 participants in a day. However it can be negotiable  if more participants can attend in the  training. This training also covers iso standard basic information.

Every year minimum two internal audits and two MRMs should be done for ISO 9001 Certification. If your staff have no ISO Internal auditor training then you will have to hire an ISO auditor or ISO Consultant to perform this audit.

This internal audit is very important to check your quality throughout the organization according to the ISO 9001 standard. As a top management personnel it is your responsibility to check audit report and know what is happening in your company.

So, just do not think about cost. If you want real taste of ISO your staff should know internal auditing technique. It is tool to check yourself. If you do not do that your certificate will be suspended or may be withdrawn according to ISO guideline. So, act now and let your staff know ISO internal audit.  Let them participate in iso internal auditor training program in Bangladesh. You help them to know and later they will help you to grow your organization more effectively.