How to select iso certification body to get iso certificate

If you are thinking to obtain ISO Certificate, then you have to select your Certification Body carefully. Because there are few things connected with certification. Like certification cost, customer service, documentation cost, ISO consultancy cost, accredited certificate and non accredited certificate etc. Due to existing of many things in the ISO certification the cost is so high.

Certification cost is the major factor to many of you  who are thinking about getting certificate. In Bangladesh there are few certification Bodies and their fees are also different. Most of them are India, Europe, Australia and America based. Due to their geographical location their price are also different.

Some certification bodies are also connected with other business like product inspection. They have higher office cost. So they take higher fee from the clients. In this regard you can find one who works only on iso certification. They are working in a small office. Their office maintenance cost is also smaller then others. So, their certification cost is also lower than others.

You have to consider one thing that is accreditation and non accreditation. This term is also known as authorization. If you want to do international business or export business, then accredited certificate is fit for you. Though accredited certificate fee is higher then non accredited certificate.

There is another wrong idea among the  prospects. They believe some logo like UKAS has special value for ISO Certificate. Actually it is valueless thinking. No party, buyer or tenderer will ask for specific logo enriched certificate like UKAS. It is just like any other accreditation Body. There are many Accreditation Bodies in the world. Some of them are government and non-government. Both are run by following specific ISO Standard.

All accreditation Bodies are run by same standard for same certification scheme. So, there is no special value of  specific accreditation body or body’s logo in the certificate. Concern party will see the Standard which is written in the certificate as well as any logo from any accreditation body. In this regard for save money you can take any accredited certificate which one cost you less money.

Another reason for avoiding accreditation’s logo under consideration because no auditor will come from Accreditation Body to your company to check your quality. Only certification Body’s auditor will come to perform audit in your office or factory. So, apparently there is no contribution to develop your system from accreditation body. So, consider that certification body who has experienced iso auditors.

A question may arise to your mind what is the function of accreditation body. Good question. Yes, the accreditation body audits the certification body. How CB auditors are working it is looked after by accreditation body. So, actually there is no link with you(client) and accreditation body(AB).

However, the people have weakness about UK based certification body. Worldwide people think UK based certification bodies have extra value. Actually conception of establishing ISO has come from British. So, selecting an ISO Certification  Body or receiving certificate from UK is  a great speculation. Read more about selecting UK ISO Certification Body.

So, finally we can come to a conclusion for selecting certification body in the following ways:

  1. UK based certification body
  2. Low cost Certification Body
  3. Any accredited certification body which has low price
  4. Good customer service
  5. Providing certificate at the shortest time
  6. Skilled auditors whose audit can add extra value in your organization
  7. Free ISO training
  8. Instant quotation

Advanced Assessment Services is the authorized agent  of  UK based Certification Body  IQS Audits Ltd. in Bangladesh. Both are UK based organization. Both of them are accredited certification body. Their price is also reasonable. Within three years  more than 200 companies have obtained ISO Certificate in Bangladesh from Advanced Assessment Services. A short client list can be seen here.

Mr Abdul Halim is the owner of those well known CB agent in Bangladesh. He has long time working experience with local and foreign auditors in USA based certification Body. Before selecting your certification Body you can consider to contact with his organization AAS-BD.COM for free consultation.

If you need free and urgent quote for ISO Certification in Bangladesh simply  call this number 01742125232 or to know the cost you may visit this post ISO Certification cost in Bangladesh

What is Accreditation Body

Accreditation Body is also known as AB. It looks after the certification body(CB). It audits the CB. It can also be called the authorization body. It supervises the CB. It sees  how the CB is working. So, this organization helps to increase competency of CB.

Accreditation body follows the standard ISO 17011. On the other hand CB follows the ISO 17021 Standard. Both the standards have come from ISO.

AB can be government or non-government. Both of them’s job is the same. There is no direct link of AB with customers. So, it is not your responsibility to know too much about AB.

However, accredited certificate has good value. So, before going to get your certificate you will have to be sure that you are going to get accredited certificate from your CB. Because there are two kinds of certification body: one is Accredited Certification Body and another one is Non- Accredited Certification Body.

Read more what is Accredited ISO Certificate


How to Select Certification Body

How to Select Certification Body for ISO Certification?

From this article you will know what things should be considered to select certification body.

What is Certification Body?

Certification Body is the third party organization who provides ISO Certificate on various ISO Standards. This is also known as certification company. This party direct works with your organization. It performs required audits before issuing ISO Certificate. After issuing certificate regular Surveillance audits are also done by this ISO office.

What is Accreditation Body?

Accreditation Body(AB) is also known as authorization Body. It can be government or nongovernment organization. This looks after the Certification Body(CB). How your CB is working everything is checked by the AB.  However AB has no direct connection with you.


Before selecting your certification body you have to consider few things. If you think the purpose of the certificate is marketing purpose and meeting domestic customer and  local tenderer’s requirements then you can take non-accredited certificate. But if your business is international or if you have export business then you will have to consider internationally recognised certificate.

Only accredited certificate is internationally accepted. So, you have to find any Certification Body who has accreditation from Accreditation Body (AB). For finding new buyers for your product or services globally it is wise decision selecting a accredited certification company. You can check our CB and AB’s logo from the page CB page.

There is no specific value for any specific accreditation body. Because they all are operated by a unique and common standard which is issued by Geneva based Head Office ISO. But sometimes it is seen that some prospects ask to get a specific accreditation body’s logo in their certificate. In this regard they pay high cost for certification. Actually it is fully valueless and wasting your money only.

No stakeholder or buyer or interested party will ask you to have a specific logo or specific accreditation body’s logo in the certificate. They may ask only accredited certificate. Nothing more. Nothing more is required.  So, you can take any accreditation body’s  logo enriched certificate whose fee is the lowest.

On the other hand accreditation body has no connection with you. They will never come to check you or audit you. They audit your certification body only. So, in this regard choose a certification body  who follows  less complicated method, less documentation procedures  and finally at the  lowest price.

BAS and IQS both are accredited certification body from the UK. Advanced Assessment Services(AAS) is the only authorised agent of BAS and IQS in Bangladesh. Both Certification Bodies are providing accredited certificates in Bangladesh. Without accreditation BAS has following good things:

  1. Low cost
  2. Provide certificate at the shortest time
  3. Provide free training
  4. Expert auditors
  5. Instant quotation
  6. More flexible
  7. No hidden cost
  8. Certificate is accepted worldwide

Now it’s up to you. If you think you have understood the myth of ISO Certification then simply push the blue button to get idea about Certification cost or simply go on to read the various information from this website to know more about selecting your certification body in Bangladesh.

Advanced Assessment Services  has been providing accredited iso certificate in Bangladesh since 2012. It has many clients who are highly satisfied on AAS. They are doing their international business as well as local business without facing any problem. If you want to talk with our client about our services simply go to our iso certified client page.