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ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 Certification

iso 9001 certificaiton

ISO 9001 certification garments

ISO 9001 Certification post will help you to get ISO 9001 Certificate in Bangladesh. 9001 is the most popular standard to the supplier, manufacturer, service provider and buyer. From office management to production management all guidelines are found in this standard. That’s why it is so popular iso standard around the world.

What does it mean ISO 9001 Certification?

ISO 9001 Certification means you are going to adopt international quality standard in your management. It can be applied in all section of your management like HR, Admin, Sales, Marketing, Store, Production etc. If you have already established your own standard in your management then you can compare your standard with international standard by ISO 9001 registration.

Why 9001 is so popular?

There are more than 19500 standards from Geneva based nonprofit organization ISO. Among them ISO9001 is the most popular. Because it shows the guidelines for all departments or all processes of your organization. No other standards do that. Due it’s diversity around 1.3 million companies are ISO 9001 Certified in the world.

How to get iso 9001 certification?

Getting ISO 9001 certification is not difficult nowadays. Because few certification bodies are working in Bangladesh. However, you have to choose carefully the certification body.  Price, accreditation, training, certificate issuing country, documentation, time to get certificates, certificate’s validity, online authenticity etc should be considered before selecting your ISO 9001 registrar. To see the procedure of registration to ISO 9001  you may visit this link.

What is the cost of ISO 9001 Certification?

It is difficult to say directly the cost of certification to ISO 9001. Because few factors are connected with 9001 registration. Like company activities, certification scope, number of sites, number of employees, geographical location etc. However to get rough idea you may visit this iso post.

Why companies like Advanced Assessment Services for ISO 9001 Certification?

Within seve years Advanced Assessment Services(AAS) has certified more than 120 companies. Company likes to get iso 9001 certified from AAS considering the following parameters:

  • Low cost
  • Easy process
  • Free training
  • Accredited certificate
  • Certificates are issued direct in the UK
  • Processing time is the lowest

To contact with AAS you may visit this contact page

ISO Certification Means

Many peoples search in google and other search engines about the phrase “ISO Certification Means”. This post will help them to get answer.

ISO Certification means a company is going to implement ISO any standard’s guidelines in its organization. It does not mean the company is very good or better than others.  No company can say he is fully maintaining quality in his production or services by mentioning ISO Certified company in the below of  title of the company name.

There  are around 19,600 ISO standards until now in Geneva based organization ISO. You can choose one among them. ISO 9001 is the most popular standard among others. Any type of organization and any kind of organization and any size of organization can adopt this standard in his organization to develop management system in his company.

Many people think ISO Certified means this company is good or the company provides good quality product or services to its customers. This is partially true not 100%. Because many companies take certificate only for publicity and meeting his buyer’s requirement only. They do not implement ISO standard’s requirements fully inside’s the company’s all processes.. Partially they may implement ISO standard’s guideline in his organization.

Very few companies implement the all requirements of any standard in his company. There are many causes of it like management negligence, staff’s negligence, lack of resources, lack of facilities, lack of availability of expert ISO consultant, unwillingness of company owners to spend money etc are the major obstacles to implement ISO standard requirements fully in any company.

However, ISO Certification means a company is trying to do at least some changes in his company. We will never say an ISO Certified and a non-iso certified company are same. It is true that at least 10-25% requirements are filled by an iso certified company in any country. So, we cannot say certified and non-certified are the same. At the same time we cannot say the iso certification means a company is very good.

The major barrier of implementation of ISO standard in any organization is unwillingness to spend money for certification or in ISO training. We can say ISO training which is major part before implement iso guidelines in any company. Most of the companies are not like to train his staffs by spending money. Simply they want certificate. So, without  training if any company takes certificate then that company will never be able to implement ISO guidelines in his company.

To implement iso requirements fully in your organization there is no alternative of ISO training. During certification contract at least two days training contract also may be contracted  to implement ISO guidelines properly. It may cost you extra 60-70 thousand Taka. This 60 thousand Taka will add extra value in your organization. It can bring limitless revenue for your organization. So, during certification contract the ISO training contract should be done too.

However, the main goal of ISO certification should be development of your management System. Suddenly it cannot be achieved. At least 3-6 years time is required to get taste of ISO Certification. Gradually you can implement ISO standard guidelines in your organization.

If you are manufacturing company then ISO guidelines can work fantastically. It can add many good guidelines in your production lines. Like reducing wastage, reducing production cost, on time delivery to the marker or to your  clients etc.

The most important benefit of ISO Certification is staff’s competence. Internal audit and External audits are performed by turns. This two options work like magic to change your staffs attention in production or in service delivery company.

So, we cannot deny the benefits of ISO Certification. There are lots of good guidelines are there. Just it is a matter of your speculation how will you implement that in your organization. So, ISO Certification Means is different to different companies.

See which standard is applicable for your organization from this post.

ISO 27001 Certification

Security is the major concern in IT and data management  firms. To protect from this threat there is no alternative of adopting ISO 27001 Standard certification. This standard can help you to protect your data from hackers. This standard is also very beneficial for financial institute like bank, insurance, leasing company, call center, software development firm etc.

Why Needs ISO 27001 Standard?

To secure company information it shows guidelines for all types of information, including digital, paper-based documents, intellectual property, company secrets, data on devices, servers,hard copies and personal information. ISMS certification also resist from possible cyber attacks.

What are 27001 Documentation?

For security management System Certification it is first and important thing that preparing some mandatory documents like security policy, Security Procedures, Asset Registrar, Risk Registrar, Various forms and some other required documents which should be prepared before going to attend certification body audit. Only 27001 consultant can help you to develop those ISMS documents.

What are Benefits of 27001 Certification?

  • Reduces cyber attacks
  • Secures confidentiality of your data
  • Develops data management process
  • Establishes Risk assessment and treatment process
  • Reduces online threats
  • Increases skill of IT staffs
  • Provides frame works of data security

Who provides ISO 27001 Certificate in Bangladesh?

AAS provides Security management system certification in Bangladesh. AAS is the first and most popular certification body partner in Bangladesh who provides certificate in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. It is the only iso company in Bangladesh who works with UK based certification body IQS Audits in the UK.

How AAS Works?

AAS has 27001 certified IRCA auditors and consultants who has long time working experience in different kinds of  top label IT firms, Banks and other financial institutes. To obtain 27001 certification AAS performs audits and training on 27001 standard.

Receive 27001 Certificate from AAS means you are getting certificate from UK. Local auditors audits here and those are sent for review in UK. Final decision comes from UK and certificates are also issued from UK.

Who Needs This ISMS Certificate?

IT Company, Private Banks, Government Bank, Insurance Company, Brokerage company, Data management company,Out sourcing companies, Mobile operators and others.

 What are the ISO 27001 Certification Process?

The certification process of ISO 27001 is almost same as other management system certification. Training, documentation , implementation, Internal audit are few steps to get ISO 27001 Certification. To see more please visit this page.

Contact with AAS From this link

ISO Latest Certification

latest iso certification

Image of ISO Latest certification

ISO Latest Certification is available now. ISO 9001 has been published from Geneva based voluntary organization ISO. There are few good things like less documentation, not necessary to employ and MR, no mandatory SOP etc are good things for the latest version of ISO 9001.

Another good things is this quality management system certification can be adopted by service oriented organization like hospital, security service provider, maintenance service provider, transport service provider, courier service provider, Indent service provider and many more.

ISO 9001:2015 is still focused on many things of ISO 9001:2008 . Like control of documents, control of records, customer focus organization, focus on process approach topic etc.

The major changes are there are ten clauses in the 9001 latest iso certification. There were 8 clauses in the 9001 2008 certification.

There is no special requirement about documentation. Some company may have few documents, some company may have more documentation. It fully depends on company status, employee condition, skill of employee, employee number, kinds of company etc.

ISO Latest certification of 9001 is much more flexible  of preparing documentation. So, it is much more easier and cost savy to get certificate rather than previous version of ISO 9001 Standard.

If a company wants he can prepare his own documents by its own staffs. If he is unable then he can hire an ISO Consultant to prepare those documents by spending less money.

ISO Cost was the major obstacle for ISO Certification in Bangladesh. Most of the medium and small size organizations were worry about ISO Cost. Now it is easy for SME organization to get the latest version of ISO 9001. So, you can say it is SME friendly standard now around the world.

There are few things you will have to do regularly like doing internal audits and participating in MRM with top tmanagement is still important. Internal audit report is the great tools to see your organization deeply.

Certification bodies in Bangladesh do not help  clients to those two things. In this regard training is mandatory. Without training your staffs cannot do internal audit. If you do not do internal audit regularly your certificate may be suspended.

Advanced Assessment Services is the only certification body agent in Bangladesh who provides free training on internal audit. Even if you are certified from other  CB, then you can take training from AAS on Internal audit just paying a little fee. To contact with this CB agent you may visit this address of ISO Office before getting your ISO latest Certification.

ISO Certification for Pharmaceutical Industry

certification for pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry ISO certification

How to get ISO Certificate in  Pharmaceutical Industry?

ISO Certification for pharmaceutical industry is very much require. Pharmaceutical industry is growing very rapidly in Bangladesh. Many pharmaceutical companies are exporting medicines in different countries around the world. To get more customers around the world it is necessary to maintain quality in production. To get good quality guidelines in production, distribution, sales and marketing there is no substitute of adopting ISO Certificate.

There are few certification bodies who provides ISO Certificates for Pharmaceuticals industry. There is no enough technical experts who can help you to get ready all documentation and implementation of ISO requirements before certified.

Before getting ISO Certificate it is necessary to develop the systems. In this regard an ISO Consultant and technical expert can help you to develop all of your processes.

Many medicine companies also ask what is the Pharmaceutical quality management system?  In short the answer for them is ISO 9001 i.e ISO 9001:2015. It is the right standard for them who want to develop their quality in pharmaceutical industry. Adopting GMP certification is also good  for pharmaceutical industry.

In Bangladesh Advanced Assessment Services has qualified and experienced pharmacist and technical experts who who are graduated from DU and have 10-20 years    working experiences in this industry. So, now it is not necessary to hire an technical expert from abroad to develop your processes for ISO Certification.

Without documentation many updated practical guidelines like storing condition, temperature control, cleaning procedure, floor condition, pest control, steel grade what are using in production, How should be the  production area for Cephalosphorin & general products, machine status etc will come out from expert’s guideline.

To get ready before certification you may hire ISO Consultant and technical experts from Advanced Assessment Services. To contact with this ISO Company you may contact from this page .