ISO 27001 Compliance

iso 27001 compliance

iso 27001 compliance

ISO 27001 Compliance post will help you to understand the compliance process of ISO 27001 Standard. Before going to know about compliance let’s know what about the standard 27001 is?

27001 standard is about information security management system. That’s mean how can you keep your information secure and secret that is the main focus point of this standard.

You are keeping your information in your own secure way. But if you compliance 27001 standard in your system then you will know how the information can be saved according to the international standard.

If you want to iso 27001 compliance properly  then you need to do the following things:

  • Determine the  scope of Information Management System
  • ISMS Policy Set up
  • ISMS Objectives set up
  • Addressing the risk
  • Training and awareness
  • Operational Procedure set up
  • Internal Audit
  • Management Review Meeting
  • CA Plan

To do all the above things you need the Training and awareness on ISO 27001. So, we can say the root of compliance of ISMS is training. Without training you cannot expect real compliance of ISO 27001.

You may see advertisement about ISO 27001 from online like 27001 certikit, 27001 audit checklist etc. Those are like notebook in the market. You can get partial idea from those documents. You may be certified on 27001 but for real compliance you need to study the whole standard.

There are several hundred clauses and sub clauses in the 27001 standard. You do not know which one is most  important and which one is less important. In this regard an ISO 27001 Consultant can help you to understand the more and less important requirements for 27001 compliance.

So, if you really want to compliance 27001 standard then there is no alternative of training on 27001.

From whom you should take ISMS training. Definitely an expert 27001 auditor or 27001 consultant who has been working on this standard for long time.

Cost, it is the another issue for ISO 27001 Compliance. Most of the companies do not like to spend money. Because training is costly. But it is not true. Actually first of all you will have to assess what type of training is required?

There are two types of training on ISO 27001 Standard. One is LA training and another one is overview & Internal auditor training on ism.

Actually if you are company owner then LA training is not required for compliance of 27001 for your staffs. Overview and Internal audit training is enough. It is for two days training. 5-6 members can be included in this group training. It will cost you only 45-50 thousand taka.

If you want to do  work as an 27001 part time auditor then LA training is required. It will cost you around 50,000 taka. it is 5 day long course.

If you hire an ISO 27001 Consultant he will train your staffs and will help you to prepare all the documents, audit checklist  and show you how to implement isms requirement in the organization.

So keep away to buy any simple ready made 27001 documents it will not help you to compliance of ISO 27001 standard.

It is not necessary to hire an foreign 27001 consultant or Indian consultant for 27001 Compliance. Bangladesh has many IRCA Certified 27001 consultant. Just by spending taka one lac to 1.5 lac you may get one local 27001 consultant for complete iso 27001 compliance.  Simply visit this page to get one from AAS.