How to achieve ISO 9001

How to achieve ISO 9001 Certificate in Bangladesh

How to achieve iso 9001 post will help you to know how can you get iso 9001 certificate in Bangladesh. Achieve ISO 9001 Certification in Bangladesh is not difficult. Not only 9001 but it is the same process for  some other standards like ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001, HACCP etc.

To achieve iso 9001 simply follow the following steps:

  • Signing the contract form
  • Make 50% advance of total amount
  • Attend the Gap Analysis Visit
  • Participate in the training program
  • Prepare documents
  • Implement ISO requirements
  • Do Internal Audit
  • Take CA Plan (If any)
  • Do Management Review Meeting
  • Participate in the Certification Audit
  • Take CA Plan (if any)
  • Receive the Certificate

Those are the simple process to achieve ISO 9001 in Bangladesh


ISO Certificate in Bangladesh

iso certificate provider bangladeshISO Certificate in Bangladesh post will help you to get idea about how to get ISO Certificate in Bangladesh. Which are the popular iso standards in Bangladesh. Before going to discuss the topic let’s know what is ISO? ISO is the short form of International organization for standardization. It is located in Geneva Switzerland. It publishes standard only. It does not issue iso certificate itself. Around 20,000 standard have been published by this non profit organization since it began it’s journey. (more…)

Top ten iso certified countries

The country who is industrially strong is adopting more ISO Certificates. This indicates ISO certification can help to maintain standard in your production line. So, worldwide industrialist countries are taking more and more ISO Certificate for their industries. Have a look the top ten countries who are holding the top ten position for ISO certification.

  1. China
  2. Italy
  3. Germany
  4. Japan
  5. India
  6. England
  7.  Spain
  8. USA
  9. France
  10. Australia


How To ISO Certification

how to iso certification

Mr. Halim is auditing a fan company

How to ISO Certification post will help you to select right ISO Certification Body and get certified in the proper way.

How to select certification Body? Before going to get certified you should consider the following things:

  • Cost
  • Services
  • Certificate Issuing Country
  • Time
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Skilled Auditor

The above 7 things are very important and you should consider those points before selecting any Certification Body(CB). The main motto of ISO Certification is system development. If you can develop your system properly then profit will be increased definitely.

Cost is one of the the major issues for companies in Bangladesh for ISO Certification. You need instant and good customer service. Certificate issuing country has good impression for buyers. So, you should consider top country like UK. UK certificate has different and high value among other countries.

Time is the another factor. Some certification Body are flexible. They issue certificates according to customer’s request. Some take short time and some take long time. You should choose someone who take not too short or not  too long. However, it also depends on yourself. Your documentation, training, implementation and internal audit. If you can do those four things earlier then it will easier for you to get certified early.

How to ISO Certification is depends on Documentation, training and Internal audits. These  are the  three mandatory things before ISO certification. This three things are very much required for implementation for ISO Certification. If you want to get good result from ISO Certification then it is your first job to ask your CB how can you get these services?

Skilled Auditor: ISO auditor is the main resource to finding your gaps inside your system. So, before making audit schedule ask your CB to provide any expert ISO auditor who has long time auditing experiences in different organizations. His experience can add extra value in your system. Because an ISO auditor not only finds your fault , he can show you some Opportunity of Improvement(OFI) from his auditing experiences.

Now it should be your asking how and where from you can get those services? The answer is very frustrated. Because no ISO company or CB provides those all services. To remove your frustration AAS can be your trusted Partner who can provide all those services. Within six years AAS has more than 200 ISO certified satisfied clients in Bangladesh because of availability of all services from a single place.

AAS may be your favorite CB. Because the price is guaranteed lowest, certificate comes from direct UK, provide training, also free training for small companies, takes short time for certification,  A qualified ISO auditors panel who have been working from the beginning of journey of ISO in Bangladesh.

You will never find important and secret information for ISO Certification from any Certification body in Bangladesh. But Advanced Assessment Services (AAS) has free resource page where you can know many basic things about ISO. Like how to ISO Certification, What is internal audit, What is AB, What is iso cost? What is CB, what are  ISO Basic etc. To get any iso information like how to ISO Certification simply type your question in search box of blog page  and type your question, you will get your answer from that page.

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ISO Certification Means

Many peoples search in google and other search engines about the phrase “ISO Certification Means”. This post will help them to get answer.

ISO Certification means a company is going to implement ISO any standard’s guidelines in its organization. It does not mean the company is very good or better than others.  No company can say he is fully maintaining quality in his production or services by mentioning ISO Certified company in the below of  title of the company name.

There  are around 19,600 ISO standards until now in Geneva based organization ISO. You can choose one among them. ISO 9001 is the most popular standard among others. Any type of organization and any kind of organization and any size of organization can adopt this standard in his organization to develop management system in his company.

Many people think ISO Certified means this company is good or the company provides good quality product or services to its customers. This is partially true not 100%. Because many companies take certificate only for publicity and meeting his buyer’s requirement only. They do not implement ISO standard’s requirements fully inside’s the company’s all processes.. Partially they may implement ISO standard’s guideline in his organization.

Very few companies implement the all requirements of any standard in his company. There are many causes of it like management negligence, staff’s negligence, lack of resources, lack of facilities, lack of availability of expert ISO consultant, unwillingness of company owners to spend money etc are the major obstacles to implement ISO standard requirements fully in any company.

However, ISO Certification means a company is trying to do at least some changes in his company. We will never say an ISO Certified and a non-iso certified company are same. It is true that at least 10-25% requirements are filled by an iso certified company in any country. So, we cannot say certified and non-certified are the same. At the same time we cannot say the iso certification means a company is very good.

The major barrier of implementation of ISO standard in any organization is unwillingness to spend money for certification or in ISO training. We can say ISO training which is major part before implement iso guidelines in any company. Most of the companies are not like to train his staffs by spending money. Simply they want certificate. So, without  training if any company takes certificate then that company will never be able to implement ISO guidelines in his company.

To implement iso requirements fully in your organization there is no alternative of ISO training. During certification contract at least two days training contract also may be contracted  to implement ISO guidelines properly. It may cost you extra 60-70 thousand Taka. This 60 thousand Taka will add extra value in your organization. It can bring limitless revenue for your organization. So, during certification contract the ISO training contract should be done too.

However, the main goal of ISO certification should be development of your management System. Suddenly it cannot be achieved. At least 3-6 years time is required to get taste of ISO Certification. Gradually you can implement ISO standard guidelines in your organization.

If you are manufacturing company then ISO guidelines can work fantastically. It can add many good guidelines in your production lines. Like reducing wastage, reducing production cost, on time delivery to the marker or to your  clients etc.

The most important benefit of ISO Certification is staff’s competence. Internal audit and External audits are performed by turns. This two options work like magic to change your staffs attention in production or in service delivery company.

So, we cannot deny the benefits of ISO Certification. There are lots of good guidelines are there. Just it is a matter of your speculation how will you implement that in your organization. So, ISO Certification Means is different to different companies.

See which standard is applicable for your organization from this post.

How to ISO Certification in BD

how to iso certification

BETS Consulting Services is receiving ISO Certificate from Advanced Assessment Services in Dhaka

How to ISO Certification for Your Organization?

How to iso certification is very common question to many of you who are looking for ISO Certificate. Following few steps will help you to get answer of your question How to ISO Certification.

  • Select Standard: There are more than 19500 standards. So, select the standard and standard version actually which one and which version is appropriate for you? You can select iso standard
  • Select Certification Body: Who provides ISO Certificates is called ISO Certification Body. So, it is your first job to find a iso company who provides ISO certificate in your region.
  • Negotiate Certification Cost: It is your second job to talk about the cost of ISO Certification. There is no fixed and common price for ISO Certification. Different ISO company takes different fee. So, you should choose someone who take small money.
  • Negotiate ISO training Fee: ISO training is must for ISO Certification. It is most important to let your staffs know the standard. If they do not know the standard how will they implement it in their work? Some company provide ISO training some do not. So , ensure this issue during the contract making time.
  • Discus Documentation: Before certification you need some ISO documents. Documents means your  instructions how will you implement ISO requirements in your organization. Usually an ISO consultant do this job. However, you can get reference from ISO Certification Body to get an ISO Consultant.
  • Certification Time: Some certification Body take several months to issue certificate. Some take short time, Several weeks only. So, finalize this issue how long will it take to get ISO Certificate?
  • Confirm Issuing Country: Certificates are issued in different countries. Usually issued certificate from the UK is more valuable and it is acceptable worldwide. So, before making contract where from the certificate will come?
  • Discuss about Accreditation: Accredited certificates are accepted worldwide. So, confirm with your certification body that they will provide your accredited ISO Certificate.

If you can ensure about the above 8 things clearly then it will easier for you to get certificate. Hope this post How to ISO Certification helped you a lot to get the answer of your question. If you need to know  more about ISO Certification process then please visit our ISO office.