ISO Basic

What is ISO?

ISO is a short form of International Organization for Standardization.

Does ISO issue certificate?

No, ISO introduces standards only it does not issues certificate

When ISO was establised?

ISO Was established in 1947, February 23rd.

How many coutries are the members of ISO?

According to December 2013 statistics there are 164 countries are the member of ISO. Country list can be seen from HERE

How many standards are introduced by ISO until now?

Around 19500 standards are introduced by ISO.

What is AB?

AB is a short form of Accreditation Body. It looks after the CB.

What is CB?

CB is a short form of Certification Body. It issues ISO Certificate.

What is the most popular ISO Standard?

ISO 9001 is the most popular ISO Stadard around the world.

How many organization has adopted ISO 9001 Standard?

More than one million organziation around the world has adopted ISO 9001 Standard.

What is the first version of ISO 9000 Standard?

ISO 9001:1987

What is the latest version of ISO 9001?

ISO 9001:2008 is the latest version until now.

What is the validity period of ISO Certificate?

Three years.

How many audits are performed before ISO Certification?

Pre audit, Stage 1 audit, Stage 2 audits are performed before achieving ISO Certificate.

Which ISO standard is appropriate for my Organization?

To see answer of this question visit common ISO Standards Idea page

What is Accredited Certificate?

There are two types of certificates one is accredited and another one is non-accredited. Accredited certification activities are reviewed by third party organization AB but non-accredited certification are not monitored by AB. So, accredited certificates are widely accepted. It ensures CB and CB auditor’s competency. Nonaccredited certificates have limited acceptance. Worldwide it is not accepted.