ISO in Overseas

Advanced Assessment Services (AAS) is authorized to work on behalf of UK based certification body ITCC International  to work in overseas countries around the world. So, we are offering you to ISO 9001, 14001,22000, HACCP and 27001 certification in your country. If you are interested to get certified then please contact with us here.

To know certification process you may visit this link 

Who can apply?

Any type and any kind of organization can apply for 9001,14001 and 45001 certification

What is ISO Certification benefit?

There are many benefits of ISO Certification. It increases international market for your products and services. It increases staff’s competence. It reduces production or service cost. To read more visit this link  

What is the cost?

The cost varies on various issues. Like number of sites, number of employees, geographical location etc. So, to know the exact cost please contact with us in this page

How long will it take to get certificate?

After signing contract and payment it will take around one month

How AAS Works?

After making contract AAS auditor will perform audit in your factory or office. This audit report will be sent to our UK office. It will be reviewed there and certificate will be issued in the UK. After issuing it will be sent to you.

Why You Choose Us?

  • Certification cost is the lowest
  • Certificate will come direct from the UK
  • Certificates are accepted worldwide
  • Free ISO training
  • Certificate in the shortest time