ISO BASICS will help you to know fundamental things about ISO.

ISO basics should be known by all concerned person or organization.There are many things to know about ISO. However followings are the iso basics. Every body should know these basic iso knowledge before iso certification.

What is ISO?

ISO is a short form of International Organization for Standardization.

Does ISO issue certificate?

No, ISO introduces standards only it does not issue certificate

When ISO was established?

ISO Was established in 1947, February 23rd.

How many countries are the members of ISO?

According to December 2013 statistics there are 164 countries are the members of ISO. Country list can be seen from HERE

How many standards are introduced by ISO until now?

Around 19,500 standards are introduced by ISO.

What is AB?

AB is a short form of Accreditation Body. It looks after the CB.

What is CB?

CB is a short form of Certification Body. It issues ISO Certificate.

What is the most popular ISO Standard?

ISO 9001 is the most popular ISO Standard around the world.

How many organizations have adopted ISO 9001 Standard?

More than one million organizations around the world have adopted ISO 9001 Standard.

What is the first version of ISO 9000 Standard?

ISO 9001:1987

What is the latest version of ISO 9001?

ISO 9001:2015 is the latest version until now.

What is the validity period of ISO Certificate?

Three years.

How many audits are performed before ISO Certification?

Pre audit, Stage 1 audit, Stage 2 audits are performed before achieving ISO Certificate.

What is  Re-certification Audit?

After every three years iso certificate will be issued newly through an aduit. It is called Re-certification Audit.

What is Surveillance Audit?

Surveillance audit is also known as inspection audit. Each year minimum one surveillance  audit should be done. It is mandatory. However two or three surveillance audit can also be performed for better  quality achievement.

What are mandatory jobs to maintain certificate properly?

Internal Audit and Management Review Meeting are two mandatory things to get and  maintain your certificate properly.

How long will you continue your ISO certificate?

Until your company will exist