ISO 9002 Standard

What is ISO 9002  it is asked by many of you. ISO 9002 was a part of present Quality Management System Standard of iso9001. Now running iso9001 standard was divided into three parts that is ISO9001, iso9002, iso 9003. Since 1987 to 2000 it was known as separate standard. But in 2000 calender year this qms standard was revised and in that revision the three standards(iso9001, iso 9001, iso 9003) were combined  together and it was named as ISO 9001 or ISO 9001:2000 Standard. Still the name is same as it was in 2000 though the version has updated in 2008.

In the beginning qms was introduced partially by Geneva based organization ISO. It was the direction or guideline of quality assurance in production, installation and servicing. But for creating new product it does not cover the design which is vital point for new product. So, this was the limitation of ISO 9002.

In the same manner ISO 9003 was a partial guideline of QMS. It covered only inspection and testing to ensure that final products and services meet specified requirements. It does not care about design control, process control, purchasing or servicing. So, it was partial qms guideline.

So, from the above discussion we can understand that three different kinds of standards i.e 9000, 9002, 9003 covered  partially to control quality management System. Considering the limitations it was revised and in 2000 it was combined as a ISO 9001. It is running as a complete QMS standard.

So, iso 9002 is a obsolete standard. It is no more used separately. Now it is a part of ISO 9001. At the same way it can be said that ISO 9003 is a obsolete standard it is also used by ISO 9001. So, ISO 9001 is the perfect qms standard.

ISO 9001  accepted worldwide. More than million of companies are adopting this standard. It is the unique standard to manage your organization. However the result of iso 9001 is depends how you are implementing it through the organization. To know more visit iso9001

So, the above discussion what is iso9002 has cleared the idea about iso 9001, 9002, 9003 standards.  However if you have any idea please do not hesitate to write comment.