Verify ISO Certificate


Verify iso certificate is very common question to many people specially clients, employees, tenderers, government agents, business partners importers and others. This post will help you to get answer your question how to verify iso certificate.

Three easy steps to verify your iso certificate in below:

Certificate verification flow

Alternatively many certification body have their own websites. In the website there is a option to check certificate’s authenticity. So, directly you can verify iso certificate from the CB’s website.

If you are certified from IQS Audits then simply go to this page to verify your ISO Certificate from anywhere in the world.

How to Verify ISO Certificate

How to Verify ISO Certificate is a very common question to many clients? Sometimes I get  call from many offices in Bangladesh that how can I verify the ISO Certificate?

Everywhere there are two types of people one is bad and another one  is good. In the business to save money this is very common incident to submit expired certificate or suspended certificate or fake certificate.

Bangladesh is not different. There are many fake businessmen or suppliers who submit such kind of certificate to the tenderer to get the supplying job or to get the contract job. That’s why from the offices sometimes somebody call me to verify the ISO Certificate.

This post will help those companies who are looking for checking the ISO Certificate instantly. Simply follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Certification Body’s or Accreditation Body’s website
  2. Find the title or link to verify certificate or authenticate certificate
  3. Write the certificate number in the box and push enter
  4. Check the result

In Bangladesh there are few certification bodies  who provide accredited certificate from UKAS, ANAB, JAZ-ANZ, CNN, ASCB, DAC, AIAC etc. If your certificates are accredited then simply go to those accreditation body’s site and follow the above 4 steps to verify ISO Certificate.

Usually the the accreditation body’s name is in the certificate along with certificate no and expiring date. If you do not find the accreditation body name from the above list then you may assume that the certificate is not accredited.

If your certificate is not accredited then you can go to the certification body’s web site to check your ISO Certificate. If you are not sure who is your accreditation body and who is your certification body then simply ask your vendor or company to know the AB and CB name along with their website.

EXAMPLE  to verify certificate:

Suppose you want to check the certificate of a company MEC Logistics. So , you will have to go to the certification body(CB) or accreditation body’s(AB) web site suppose you want to check it from CB’s website. So, you will have to go IQS UK Ltd’s web site and then find the title CERTIFICATION AUTHENTICITY simply click there and put the company name or certificate number and put enter. That’s all you will get the necessary information.

how to verify iso certificate

how to verify iso certificate

There is other way to verify your ISO Certificate. You can directly call your CB or AB office or you can send email too to verify your certificate.

Though ISO publishes all standards but there is no facility yet to check your ISO Certificate from Geneva based ISO office website But we hope ISO will take necessary steps for company’s around the world to check ISO certificates from their website.