ISO Registrar Bangladesh

ISO Registrar in Bangladesh post will help you to know a company who issues ISO Certificate in Bangladesh. Actually all ISO Companies are in Bangladesh are from abroad. Some are in UK, USA, Dubai or in India. So, actually most iso companies are in Bangladesh is working as foreign certification body agent. Advanced Assessment Services (AAS) is the approved agent of UK based certification body in Bangladesh.

ISO Registrar is also known as ISO Certification body or ISO Company. Usually they direct work with a company. In the beginning ISO Company came from abroad to audit and issue iso certificate in Bangladesh. But now they do not come from abroad. Because there are many ISO local auditors in Bangladesh who are qualified to perform audit.

Though there is lots of ISO auditors in Bangladesh but there is no local certification body in the region. To build a certification body it is necessary to get accreditation body approval. But Bangladesh Accreditation Body or BAB takes very high fee from the iso registrar. So, it is tuff to exist in the market competing with foreign certification body in Bangladesh. On the other hand it is tradition of Bangladeshi people to like foreign service rather than local service. That’s why certification body is not built up in Bangladesh.

To create local certification body in Bangladesh only government or its agent like BAB can take effective measures. If they can do it, then foreign certification body’s activity in the certification market will be reduced. Bangladesh will be benefited to hold money in the country.

Many ISO registrars are working in Bangladesh. Among them UK based certification body has most of the shares of ISO Certification in Bangladesh. AAS is the authorized associate of a UK based certification body IQS. It takes least money from the company to get ISO Certified. So, if are looking for ISO registrar in Bangladesh to get certificate on ISO 9001,14001, 45001,22000, HACCP and 27001 then contact this page to get certificate from UK based ISO registrar in Bangladesh.

Verify ISO Certificate


Verify iso certificate is very common question to many people specially clients, employees, tenderers, government agents, business partners importers and others. This post will help you to get answer your question how to verify iso certificate.

Three easy steps to verify your iso certificate in below:

Certificate verification flow

Alternatively many certification body have their own websites. In the website there is a option to check certificate’s authenticity. So, directly you can verify iso certificate from the CB’s website.

If you are certified from IQS Audits then simply go to this page to verify your ISO Certificate from anywhere in the world.

Certificate Check

Check ISO Certificate


ISO Certificate check is very common question to may people specially clients, employees, tenders, government agents, business partner importers and others. This post will help you to answer your question.

ISO Certificates are checked to verify the genuineness of the certificates. Because there are many fake businessmen or service providers who do not like to spend money to achieve certificate. So, they find fake certificate or prepare face certificate by themselves. Specially who do tender business or supplying business they find this shortcut and illegal way to get certificate.

If you want to check iso certificate then you should know two company names one is certification body and another one is accreditation body. These two names are seen inside the certificate. Usually website link, phone number, email and contact address are found for both the bodies in the certificate. So, you can write email or you can call to the numbers about the certificates genuineness.

Some times certificate’s authenticity can be checked in certification’s body website. As an example if you received certificate from us i.e IQS AUDITS LTD then simply you can go to this link to check your certificate. Entering your company name or certificate’s number in the search box you can check your certificate’s authenticity easily.

Sometimes people call me how he will check his certificates from online. Certificate can be checked only from your Certification body or from Accreditation body. If you are not sure who is certification body and who is your accreditation body then simply send the copy of your ISO certificate to us, then we can help you to know the certificate’s status.

Certificate Check

Certificate check is important task for buyers and tenderer to check genuineness  of ISO Certificate. Because there may be fake ISO Certificate in the industry. So, it is your responsibility to check the certificate before acceptance. Now most of the CB has website entry of his issued certificates. Usually during issue time the certification body put entry of certificate’s details in their website including the issue date and expiry date.

To check our  issued certificate you may visit this link .

ISO Certificate Provider Bangladesh

ISO Certificate provider Bangladesh post will help you to find the right certification body in Bangladesh for you to get iso certificate. There is some certification bodies in Bangladesh but you are not sure who can provide you the certificate at the lowest price and in the shortest time.

You should remember that documentation, training, audit and certification are related with each others. Without documents and training you cannot obtain iso certificate. So, these two things are the vital requirements for certification.

But most of the certificate providers do not provide the  services(documentation, training, audit and certification) together. So, you will have to search two companies, one is iso consultancy firm and another one is ISO Certification Body. But it is a matter of cost for you.

How about the iso certificate provider Bangladesh who can he

iso certificate provider bangladesh

lp you to do those four things from the one place under a package program. This means you can contact iso certificate provider in Bangladesh to get all those four things from the same place.

Advanced Assessment Services(AAS) is the only ISO Certificate provider in Bangladesh who can help you to get all those four things from one place. It does not mean he will do all the four things by itself rather he will help you to find a free lancer ISO auditor who will do the first one thing (iso documentation). Another three things(training, audit and certification) will be done by your ISO Certificate provider.

Benefits of certification from AAS is low cost and certificate in the shortest time. Certificate’s value is also very high because it is issued in the UK.

Before making contract with any iso certificate provider in Bangladesh be informed first that is it accredited or non accredited? Because non-accredited certificate is not accepted by many buyers globally. Non accredited iso certificates provider are cheap but your purpose will be not served from that iso certificate.

So, before select your iso certificate provider Bangladesh read the above post carefully and take decision wisely. To choose your right certificate provider in Bangladesh you may get free suggestion here

How to Check ISO Certificate

How to Check ISO Certificate?

How to check ISO certificate Post will help you to check your certificate from your own computer or from your own mobile phone. There may be some fake or expired certificates in the market. Some business owner do not like to extend his certificate because a cost is connected with the extension. That’s why they use fake or expired certificate.

Suppose ISO 9001 2000 is absolute now. This is not acceptable now. ISO 9001 2008 is also going to be expired on Sept 2018. So, you should have idea about version of the standard 9001. It means what is the latest version of standard is available in the market.

Who provides fake certificate they do not follow the ISO guidelines.They do not control quality in  his business processes. So, it is risky to make contract with dishonest business man who provides fake certificate. So, it is your responsibility to check the genuineness of your certificate. Follow the following steps to check the ISO Certificate.

  • Check your Certificate
  • Know the CB(Certification Body) name from the certficate
  • Collect web address of that CB
  • Go to the website of that CB
  • From the website check certificate authenticity or certificate check option and click there
  • Insert company name and certificate number in the search box and click search

But all CB do not have this option in their websites. In that case you can talk with them or you can send email for checking certificate’s validity.

That’s all to check ISO certificate’s authenticity