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ISO Latest Certification is available now. ISO 9001 has been published from Geneva based voluntary organization ISO. There are few good things like less documentation, not necessary to employ and MR, no mandatory SOP etc are good things for the latest version of ISO 9001.

Another good things is this quality management system certification can be adopted by service oriented organization like hospital, security service provider, maintenance service provider, transport service provider, courier service provider, Indent service provider and many more.

ISO 9001:2015 is still focused on many things of ISO 9001:2008 . Like control of documents, control of records, customer focus organization, focus on process approach topic etc.

The major changes are there are ten clauses in the 9001 latest iso certification. There were 8 clauses in the 9001 2008 certification.

There is no special requirement about documentation. Some company may have few documents, some company may have more documentation. It fully depends on company status, employee condition, skill of employee, employee number, kinds of company etc.

ISO Latest certification of 9001 is much more flexible  of preparing documentation. So, it is much more easier and cost savy to get certificate rather than previous version of ISO 9001 Standard.

If a company wants he can prepare his own documents by its own staffs. If he is unable then he can hire an ISO Consultant to prepare those documents by spending less money.

ISO Cost was the major obstacle for ISO Certification in Bangladesh. Most of the medium and small size organizations were worry about ISO Cost. Now it is easy for SME organization to get the latest version of ISO 9001. So, you can say it is SME friendly standard now around the world.

There are few things you will have to do regularly like doing internal audits and participating in MRM with top tmanagement is still important. Internal audit report is the great tools to see your organization deeply.

Certification bodies in Bangladesh do not help  clients to those two things. In this regard training is mandatory. Without training your staffs cannot do internal audit. If you do not do internal audit regularly your certificate may be suspended.

Advanced Assessment Services is the only certification body agent in Bangladesh who provides free training on internal audit. Even if you are certified from other  CB, then you can take training from AAS on Internal audit just paying a little fee. To contact with this CB agent you may visit this address of ISO Office before getting your ISO latest Certification.