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ISO Certification Body in Bangladesh

ISO Certification Body provides ISO Certificate. Usually this body performs audit before ISO Certification. Usually there is two audits one is Stage one audit and the second one is stage two or certification audit. After completion the stage one the second one is done. Usually the gap between the two audits is 7-15 days. .

ISO Certification body is also known as ISO Registrar. Somebody call it iso certificate provider or iso certification company. Usually they direct work with a company. In the beginning ISO Company came from abroad to perform audit and issued iso certificate in Bangladesh. But now they do not come from abroad. Rather they have Bangladeshi representatives in Bangladesh.

An ISO Certification Body runs on an iso standard is called ISO 17021. It is given by ISO head quarter in Geneva. So, iso certification company is an independent company. No government restriction is there. However they are governed by a body is called Accreditation Body(AB)

Many ISO certification bodies are working in Bangladesh. Lack of local certification company in Bangladesh CB from abroad are dominating the Bangladeshi Certification market.

Most of the certification companies are from UK, America, Australia, Dubai, India or from in EU. Among them UK has monopoly market in this industry. A wide range of acceptance of UK certification body people like to adopt iso certificates from the UK based certification company.

UK Certification bodies have local office in Bangladesh. Most of them are engaged in testing of products for Bangladeshi manufacturers. However, they also provide certificate on various management system standards like iso 9001, iso 14001, iso 45001, iso 27001 etc.

Md Abdul is an IRCA certified Management System lead auditor in Bangladesh. He has been working in Bangladesh since 2010 on behalf of few UK Certification bodies. To reach him you may go here

ISO Certification Bodies in Bangladesh

ISO Certification Body is your right place to get ISO Certificate in Bangladesh. There are fewISO Certification Bodies in Bangladesh. SGS, Intertek and IQS are the three major certification bodies in Bangladesh. All certification bodies in Bangladesh  are from western country like England. There is no local certification body in Bangladesh.

SGS and Itertek have various products but IQS has only ISO certification schemes in Bangladesh. IQS has very experienced ISO Auditors who have been working in Bangladesh since the beginning of the journey of ISO in Bangladesh. So, obtaining ISO Certificate from IQS means you are going to do real implementation of ISO Standards and real development of your Quality.

How to select your Certification Body?

Certification Body(CB) selection is your prime job before ISO Certification. ISO Certification cost  is the main thing before selecting iso certification bodies in Bangladesh. However without cost  you will have to consider the following things:

  • ISO Certification Cost
  • Customer care
  • Certification duration
  • Accreditation
  • Re-certification Audit fee
  • ISO Training
  • Surveillance audit cost

If you compare the above things with other certification bodies then you must choose the IQS.  IQS  is a UK based  Certification Body. Worldwide the company has many clients. The Certification company has many flexible facilities which is not present in any other Certification Body in Bangladesh.

IQS provides Accredited certificate, price is also cheaper than any other ISO certification bodies in Bangladesh. The certification body has attractive customer service. IQS provides certificate in the shortest time.

ISO Certification is a continual process i.e there is no time limitation of holding iso certificate.  So, every three years after you will have to participate in re certification audit to obtain ISO Certificate newly for next 3 years.

Before selecting your certification body you will also have to consider the re certification audit fee. Most of the certification agent take the same amount as certification cost. But IQS  takes 20% less re certification fee. So, you can save money from your certification body if you select IQS.

ISO Training is very important to implement ISO standard or ISO requirements in your organization. Usually other iso certification bodies in Bangladesh  or ISO Consulting company take high fee (50-60 thousand taka) for iso training. But IQS Bangladesh provide free ISO training. So, you are saving a handsome amount from ISO training fee.

All certification bodies run by following a standard. The standard  (17021) is same for all Certification company. No buyer or importer will ask you about the accreditation body.  They will require for only iso certificate.

So, accreditation body or accreditation body’s logo has no special value on ISO Certificate. So, why will you spend some extra money just for choosing specific logo  on ISO Certificate. All certification bodyies issue the same certificate following the same procedures. So, it is wise if you find any certification body who will perform quality audit and take small money. Considering that iqs should be your right selection.

Can I change my present Certification Body?

Yes, you can change your present certification body(CB). Any time any iso certified company can change his CB. There is no restriction about that. If you think you are paying big amount to your present certification body then you can leave the CB. You are worry about logo. Do not be worry.  Your buyers or other parties will never ask your logo. They will see only the standard.

Comparing the above things IQS should be your right place to achieve ISO Certificate. IQS provides many facilities including low cost. quality audit, free training, less re certification audit fee, excellent customer service etc. So, Contact now IQS Bangladesh representative to select your iso certification body for ISO Certification in Bangladesh.