1year/3 years

1 year/3 years certificate is given from AAS Certification. Most of the certification companies provide certificate for 3 years but they do not provide certificate for one year.  But from AAS you can get certificate for one year as well as  three years.

If you are a small and medium size company in Bangladesh then this is the right place and right option for you to get certificate for one year. What are the benefits of one year certification? There are many benefits of one year certification:

  1. Save your money
  2. Helps to participate in the tender
  3. Low cost
  4. Extension facility for next successive years
  5. Yearly payment system

Many trading companies who participate in tender they do not like to spend a big money in the certification. This option is suitable for them. For a less money they can get certificate.

If you have a limited budget then this option or one year certification  is suitable for you. You can spend two years money in another sector.

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